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Autodesk Teams Up with Microsoft Azure to Offer Scalable Cloud Rendering

The Microsoft Azure Batch Rendering Platform is built on the Azure Batch platform and allows users to submit render jobs through Maya, 3ds Max and Arnold, and the Azure SDK allows customization and open-source plugins to integrate directly with Maya and 3ds Max.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Autodesk has announced that it is joining forces with Microsoft Azure to offer customers a new scalable cloud rendering solution with the Microsoft Azure Batch Rendering Platform. Built on the Azure Batch platform, this new rendering solution allows Autodesk users to submit their jobs for on-demand rendering directly through Maya, 3ds Max and Arnold, with pay-per-use billing and custom scalability.

Autodesk hopes the new platform will streamline the complex and demanding render process. With the Azure Batch Rendering Platform, Autodesk users can seamlessly leverage Azure’s cloud rendering tools to scale their jobs with burst capacity, efficiently manage costs, and eliminate the need for complex infrastructure and license management. In addition, the Azure SDK allows users to automate render workflows within custom pipelines and offers open-source plugins to integrate directly with Maya and 3ds Max.

“We know that the scalability and ease of use offered by cloud rendering is important to our customers across industries, and we’re always looking for ways to help facilitate a smooth transition,” said Chris Bradshaw, senior vice president, Autodesk. “Teaming with Microsoft Azure gives Autodesk users even more choice when it comes to leveraging the right cloud-based rendering platforms for their specific facility and project needs.”

Corey Sanders, director of Compute, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. said, “With Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold integrated in Microsoft Azure Batch, designers, artists and engineers can now focus on their creative projects rather than worrying about setting up, running, and managing infrastructure. Everyone now has the power of a render farm with the push of a button.”

Check out the Azure site to participate in a private preview of the Azure Batch Rendering Platform.

Source: Autodesk