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NVIDIA’s ‘Meet the Omnivore’ Highlights ‘Sickle Cell Priapism’ Short

California-based Elara Systems harnesses Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Maya, Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Omniverse, connecting 3D pipelines to create AI character-driven 3D medical animations that help raise public awareness through relatable storytelling.

This week NVIDIA’s “Meet the Omnivore” blog series highlights how California-based Elara Systems creates educational health videos using Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Maya, USD Composer, and other digital content-creation apps.

Recently, Elara collaborated with Boston Scientific and the Sickle Cell Society to create an AI character-driven 3D medical animation using the NVIDIA Omniverse development platform for connecting 3D pipelines and building metaverse applications.

The video aims to help adolescents experiencing sickle cell disease understand the importance of quickly telling an adult or a medical professional if they’re experiencing symptoms like priapism — a prolonged, painful erection that could lead to permanent body damage.

To bring the project to life, Elara Systems’ team used the USD Composer app, generative AI-powered Audio2Face, and Audio2Gesture, as well as Omniverse Connectors to Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and other popular 3D content-creation tools like Blender, Epic Games Unreal Engine, Reallusion iClone, and Unity.

Watch Sickle Cell Priapism hereVisit the “Meet the Omnivore” blog to read more about the creation of the short.


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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.