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NVIDIA Studio Highlights Rafi Nizam’s ‘Arteana’s Art Squad’ Series

Indie animator harnessed NVIDIA Omniverse and fully ray-traced VR to create 3DCG show about vibrant characters who use the power of art to solve the world’s problems; platform’s native VR USD composer supports interactive real-time scene assembly.

The NVIDIA Studio blog has just highlighted the work of Award-winning independent showrunner/animator Rafi Nizam, who shared his insight and experience in harnessing NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for building and connecting 3D tools and apps, to fuel his creative expression, including building his 3DCG animated series Arteana’s Art Squad, which features vibrant characters who use the power of art to solve the world’s problems.

Nizam noted, “As a showrunner, embarking on making a CG animated show without a crew is kind of daunting, but I’m using NVIDIA Omniverse to discover ways to overcome my limitations in this space,” Nizam said. 

Nizam began by modeling each squad member and building production assets in Adobe Substance 3D Modeler using VR. His RTX GPU delivered AI-powered, accelerated denoising with the default Autodesk Arnold renderer, resulting in interactive and photorealistic renders.


He then moved to Adobe Substance 3D Painter, creating textures and materials, applying them to production assets. NVIDIA RTX-accelerated light and ambient occlusion baking optimized assets in mere seconds.

Next, Nizam deployed Unreal Engine to record motion-captures via a Perception Neuron suit, creating scenes and camera sequences in real time.

NVIDIA Omniverse’s spatial computing capabilities took Nizam’s creative workflow to the next level. The Omniverse USD Composer’s native VR support enables artists to interactively assemble, light, and navigate scenes in real time, individually or collaboratively, in fully ray-traced VR. In addition, NVIDIA Omniverse’s spatial computing capabilities elevated Nizam’s creative workflow to a new level.

“Less time and effort, more productivity, cost savings,” added Nizam. “I use Omniverse daily for these reasons.” 

Learn more from Nizam in Creating an Animated Show in Realtime with ProArt - Rafi Nizam X ProArt on-demand presentation, part of “ASUS ProArt Masters’ Talks” program at FMX 2023.

Source: NVIDIA

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