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NVIDIA Showcases Moment Factory’s Work Creating Immersive Events with OpenUSD and Omniverse

For in-person visual production projects like Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ world tour, the multimedia studio unified data from various DCC tools, forming digital twins of real-world environments that allowed artists to iterate on video, lighting, architecture, and interactive components without altering other elements.

NVIDIA’s technical blog just shared a detailed project breakdown of how global multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory, which specializes in creating immersive experiences, chose Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) to optimize efficiency in their complex production processes. Combining video, lighting, architecture, sound, software, and interactivity, the studio has delivered notable projects such as the visuals for Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever world tour, Lumina Night Walks at worldwide natural sites, and digital placemaking at the AT&T Discovery District.

The studio selected OpenUSD to implement an interoperable open data format and development platform because of its ability to integrate all project aspects, from concept to operation – unifying data from diverse digital content creation (DCC) tools to form a digital twin of a real-world environment.

Moment Factory is developing digital twins of their installations in NVIDIA Omniverse to simulate immersive events before deploying them in the real world. Omniverse allows the company’s artists and designers to render and create visuals in the scene using tools such as Epic Games Unreal Engine, Blender, and Adobe Photoshop without affecting layers of the project still in progress. Each team member can interact with this digital twin and iterate on their aspect of the project without affecting other elements.

“USD is unique in that it can be fragmented into smaller pieces that enable people to work on their own unique parts of a project while staying connected,” said Arnaud Grosjean, solution architect and project lead for Moment Factory’s Innovation Team. “Its flexibility and interoperability allow us to create powerful, custom 3D pipelines.”

Visit the blog to learn more about the technology and tools that allow Moment Factory to create creative, immersive experiences.

Source: NVIDIA

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