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Category: Technology

Headline News

Vue 5 xStream Pre-Release Available for LightWave and Cinema 4D

e-on software announced the pre-release of two new versions of its xStream suite of plug-ins: xStream for LightWave and xStream for Cinema 4D.

Vue 5 xStream is a suite of plug-ins that enables the seamless integration of Vue environments into the industry's leading 3D applications. Versions of xStream were already available for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. As of June 1, versions of xStream for Newtek LightWave and Maxon Cinema 4D are also available. xStream for SOFTIMAGE|XSI is still under development.

Headline News

Alienware's New Limited-Edition Superman Systems Take Flight

Alienware celebrates June 28 release of Warner Bros. Pictures' SUPERMAN RETURNS with individually-numbered desktop and notebook systems inspired by DC Comics' iconic superhero, Superman. The desktop and notebook systems showcase masterful artwork of the Man of Steel on the outer cases. Alienware's Area-51 Superman Edition desktop and Area-51 SUPERMAN RETURNS Edition notebook come with a certificate of authenticity. Each system also includes a specially-designed Superman desktop theme by The Skins Factory utilizing Stardock's Theme Manager software.

Entertainment Headline News

Iridas’ FrameCycler Standardized at ILM

Iridas announced that Industrial Light & Magic has purchased universal site licenses of FrameCycler Professional 3.5 for its facility in the Letterman Center in San Francisco, Lucasfilm Animation in Singapore and the Skywalker Ranch in San Rafael. Now artists at all three locations will have immediate access to uncompressed frame-based playback for review and analysis of their work on every workstation.

Autodesk Headline News

Autodesk Certifies ATI’s FireGL Workstation Graphics Accelerators

ATI Technologies Inc. announced that its FireGL workstation graphics boards have been certified for Autodesk Inc.'s full range of design software solutions. ATI's entire top-to-bottom line of FireGL graphics boards complement Autodesk's media and entertainment, design and manufacturing products by helping industry professionals more accurately and more efficiently visualize digital models to design better products while speeding time to market.

Effects Headline News

RE:Vision Effects Adds Mac Updates to After Effects Plug-Ins

RE:Vision Effects has upgrades for its Macintosh After Effects-compatible plug-ins. Notably, all of their plug-ins that work within Final Cut Pro (that is, all of their products except RE:Flex) now run in FCP 5.1 on Intel Macs. The latest updates also run significantly faster within Adobe After Effects 7.0 on G5 CPU Macintoshes running Tiger (OS 10.4).

Upgrades are free if the main version number of a product is the same as the main version number of the license purchased.

RE:Vision Effects updated plug-ins consist of:

Painting Headline News

Luxology Delivers modo 201

Luxology Llc. announced the immediate availability of modo 201, its 3D modeling, painting and rendering software built on the ultra clean modo code base. modo 201 combines significant modeling advancements with cutting-edge 3D painting and rendering technologies in a modern workflow customized to enhance productivity for 3D artists working in game development, film visual effects, video production, graphic arts and design visualization. modo 201 is available for immediate download from Luxology at or can be purchased from selected resellers.

Version Headline News

REALVIZ VTour Introductory Offer Extended

REALVIZ announced that a new patch up-date is now available for VTour. Version 1.0.1 of VTour includes a number of significant additions, including the improved capability to create Web-compatible projects, as well as an updated SPi-V3d viewer. The Patch is available free of charge to all existing VTour owners. New users may also purchase this latest version until May 31 at the reduced price of 300 /$340 (normal list price 499 /$580).

Headline News

Rendercore Launches Mac OSX Support for LightWave 8.5

Rendercore Inc. announced the complete integration and support for Mac OSX version of LightWave 8.5 from NewTek.

"With prevalence of Mac OSX as an important part of creating photo-real imagery in the computer graphics industry, we worked diligently to include the LightWave Mac OSX version shortly after its introduction," said Brian Kim, technical director for Rendercore.

Series Headline News

BOXX Launches 3DBOXX 8300 Series Workstation

BOXX Technologies Inc. announced the new 3DBOXX 8300 Performance Series workstation. The 3DBOXX 8300 is a high-performance personal workstation, which leverages the power of the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 Series processors running in conjunction with the new Intel 5000X chipset. With new performance features, such as a 1333MHz front side bus, 4MB of cache shared between two cores, FB-DIMMs (a cutting-edge memory technology) and powerful I/O, the new 3DBOXX 8300 Series workstation provides enhanced workflow for todays VFX professionals.

Animation Headline News

Houdini 8.1 Public Beta Released

Side Effects Software, developer of the award-winning Houdini family of 3D software, announced the public beta of Houdini 8.1. This new version features an artist-friendly Auto Rig, Muscle System, Character Picker and Pose Library, as well as enhancements to the Rigid Body and Wire dynamic solvers. CG artists from around the world are invited to download the Houdini 8.1 public beta for free from as part of the Houdini Apprentice Program.

Dell Headline News

Dell to Make AMD Switch

Dell announced that it would begin using processors from AMD in place of those from Intel to help regain lost market share. Dell said that the AMD-based Dell high-end servers with four Opteron processors would be introduced by the end of this year.

Kevin B. Rollins, Dell ceo, emphasized, however, that it is a fairly small category that has been given to AMD, and that Intel would continue to remain the supplier of most processors used by Dell.

Framestore Headline News

FrameCycler DI Goes to Framestore CFC

Iridas has sold two seats of FrameCycler DI to Framestore CFC. The application provides disk-based, full-resolution playback; conform of Edit Decision Lists (EDLs) for online review of the editors' work; primary color grading for look development; and Iridas' new ReviewLink technology for interactive review session from multiple locations.

Films Headline News

eyeon Makes Dreams Come True for Wish Films

Wish Films, a brand new production company based at Elstree Film Studios, has enlisted the help of eyeon Software to make Fusion an integral part of its pipeline.

Mark Ford and Stephen Charles are the driving force behind their new Wish Films studio. Recently at Lynx Video, a facility based in Denham, West of London, Ford and Charles operated the Flame/Smoke/Maya and Avid/Online suites, respectively. Successfully breaking into Wish Films, they have been commissioned to build a new post-production facility using Fusion 5.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom Releases Workout Series

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series. Touching on all aspects of animation creation, the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series is a dedicated program of exercises designed to help users develop the techniques and skills necessary to get the most out of the Toon Boom product family.

Headline News

Toshiba Launches First HD DVD Laptop

Toshiba has introduced the first laptop capable of playing next-generation, high-definition DVDs.

The Qosmio G35-AV650 supports the HD DVD format, which Toshiba helped develop, and also plays standard DVDs. Its dual drive can write data onto both standard DVDs and dual-layer discs, which can store twice as much information.

Headline News

Polhemus Announces VisionTrak Desktop 300

Polhemus has introduced the VisionTrack Desktop 300. Designed by ISCAN Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts, the VisionTrak Desktop 300 is a remote binocular eye tracking system that is used to collect pupil size, eye movement parameters and eye point of regard data from human subjects.

Headline News

NewTek Offers Simple 3D Animation Solution for Video Editors

NewTek has announced the addition of 3D Arsenal and the 3D Arsenal suite of products to the NewTek line. 3D Arsenal is a collection of content, plug-ins and training material that simplify the creation of custom motion graphics and logo animations for video editors. 3D Arsenal is based upon NewTeks Emmy Award-winning LightWave 3D software. 3D Arsenal ships with more than 750 pre-created scenes and templates. A content only version of 3D Arsenal is available to current LightWave owners.