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Animation Festivals Blogs

10th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults 12 through 20 October Warsaw, Poland

A PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO - When most people think of puppets they think of films and performances for children, but the International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films is different.

KROK 2015 Blogs

To Live (And Almost Die) In Russia . . . But All’s Well That Ends Well

Over the years animators have asked me “aren’t you afraid to go to Russia?” and “what would happen if you got seriously ill there?”  The answer to the first question has always been no, attending KROK is very safe and I have never been afraid in Russia. Now I can answer the second question with firsthand knowledge.  The KROK staff will make sure that you get excellent medical treatment if you should get seriously ill.

Animation Festivals Blogs

18th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION ANIMAEVKA, Mogilev, Mogilevskaya Region, Belarus: 9 - 13 September 2015

My only previous encounter with Belarus was when I was thrown off the train in Minsk and sent back to Poland because I didn’t have a Belarus travel visa on my trip from Belgium to Moscow.  This all changed when I was invited to be a juror at the Animaevka Animation Festival.

Festivals Blogs

THREE DAYS ON THE “ISLAND IN THE SKY” La Citta Incantata Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy July 10, 11, and 12 2015

Civita di Bagnoregio is a step back into the past, with stone houses and narrow passages leading to hidden gardens. Except for the numerous tourists, you feel that you time has passed this town by.  Luca Raffaelli, one of Italy’s top experts on comics and animation, conceived the idea of La Cittá Incata, bringing together, there, over fifty of Italy’s most distinguished animators, designers, cartoonists, storyboard and visual artists to demonstrate and talk about their work. The meeting was promoted by Regione Lazio with Roma Capitale, realized by Progetto ABC (Arte Bellezza Cultura) together with Nufactory.

Christmas Blogs

MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: ANIMATION – A WORLD HISTORY (3 volumes) , by Giannalberto Bendazzi

Esteemed animation historian Giannalberto Bendazzi has just completed a 3 volume set of books titled Animation – A World History.
This comprehensive animation history took Giannalberto 9 years to write and is a greatly expanded and more detailed addition to his 1994 book Cartoons.  The three volumes treat animation as the serious art form that it is, deserving of its own place in film history.

film animation festivals competition Blogs

14th Edition of the Euganea Film Festival 2nd to the 19th of July 2015 Este/Euganea/Padova, Italy

The 14th Euganea Film Festival takes place over 3 different weekends  in 3 different Northern Italian cities where over 60 films were screened.  The first weekend in the beautiful city of Este was devoted to animation.  The documentary and short live action films were shown in two other cities on following weekends with different juries.

film animation festivals competition Blogs

Dok Leipzig Documentary Film Festival - 26 October - 1 November

Founded in 1955, DOK Leipzig is the oldest documentary festival in the world, and from its beginning, animated films were part of the program, which today extends into crossmedia art. Dok Leipzig 2015 will be from 26 Oct. until 1 Nov. this year.

book review Blogs

Book Review - Scratch, Crackle & Pop: A whole grains approach to making films without a camera, by Steven Woloshen

              Scratch, Crackle & Pop:  A whole grains approach to making films without a camera

                       by Steven Woloshen; 106 Pages published by Scratchatopia Books

Animation Festivals Blogs

Call for entries - 23rd Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

23rd Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film invites you to submit your animated films produced after October 1st 2014 for the competition categories International Competition, Young Animation, Tricks for Kids and AniMovie. Submission deadline is December 1st, 2015

Animation Festival Blogs

Puppet is a Human too 2015 - 10th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults

Coming up soon I will be on the jury of an interesting festival for animation and puppet theater, in Warsaw, Poland.

The website is:

Here is their poster below:

Call for animation Blogs

Call for Animation - ReAnimania IAFFY Yerevan, Armenia

Call for Animation - ReAnimania IAFFY Yerevan, Armenia

Extended deadline for submitting entries to 7th edition of ReAnimania IAFFY, taking place from Oct. 28 to November 3 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Deadline for Feature film is September 15th, 2015

Deadline for all other categories is September 10th, 2015. 

Animation Blogs


The motto of the FIKE International Short Film Festival is “Life is Short”, and the five day festival did seem to literally fly by.  FIKE is a showcase for short live action, animation, and documentary films.  I seldom have the opportunity to see short live action films and so it is a special treat for me.  Watching films coupled with the warm hospitality of festival director Joao Paulo Macedo made it five perfect days for me.

call for entries Blogs

Call for Entries - International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults and the Animated Film Competition for Young Artists

The International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults is a festival that combines two worlds - the world of theatre and the world of cinema, and takes place in Warsaw, Poland from 12 - 20 October, 2015.

This year we have decided to add to the festival with the International Animated Film Competition for Young Artists (the age limit for entrants is 30 years) which aims at presenting and promoting animated films for adults.

Submit your film to the International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults, or to the Animated Film Competition for Young Artists - the submission deadline is 5 September, 2015.

crowd funding Blogs

Willem Thijssen launches crowd funding campaign for his new film Ticking Away

The renowned Dutch producer/director Willem Thijssen has launched a crowd funding campaign for his new production, a film by director Michael Sewnarain called Ticking Away.  Willem won an Academy Award in 1987 for the animated short Een Griekse Tragedie and a Dutch newspaper has already written "Give a hand to a new Oscar candidate film".

See Willem's message, and follow the link to watch a teaser and find out how to become part of this exciting new project.

student animation festival Blogs

FESA – Festival of European Student Animation in Belgrade, Serbia

FESA – Festival of European Student Animation, was established in 2012
under the auspices of Serbian Ministry for Culture.
The main goal of the festival is to promote the art of animation
from the European countries and to create conditions that will enable
the younger generation to conquer new concepts and new technologies.
The Festival of European Student Animation is going to be held
in the period of August 29th to 30th 2015.
The Festival comprises of Students Competition programme
(film schools and single student authors)
This year’s competition theme is SYMBOLS
in the widest sense of the terms.

Film Blogs


     When ANIFILM International Festival of Films comes to town for one week each year the historic spa town of Trebon becomes the animation capitol of the Czech Republic. The festival combines the best of the new animation with screenings of historic Czech films.  The festival is a puppet animator’s dream, with screenings of films by such masters of the art as Jiri Trnka and Vlasta Pospisilova.  There were even live puppet shows in the park which surrounds the castle in the center of town.

Film Blogs

FETE DE L’ANIM - 27 through 29 March, Tourcoing, France

 Each year the Fete De l’Anim brings students from all over Europe together with a small group of international professionals for three days of master classes, screenings, and hands on projects.  It is a marvellous opportunity for students to hear some of the top professionals from the world of independent animation as well as people from such studios as Pixar and Disney talk about the processes they use to create their work.  The students also have the opportunity to ask questions and show their portfolios to the masters to get feedback.