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boujou bullet PXC Announced

Pixel Corps, the global guild for aspiring and professional digital craftsman, and 2d3, a leading developer of professional 3D camera matchmoving software, announced boujou bullet PXC, a limited version of boujou bullet 2. With a scaled down image support function, boujou bullet PXC includes many of the same helpful features found in boujou bullet 2, including automated tracking, matchmoving and a comprehensive wizard-based help.

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BOXX Launches AMD-Powered GoBOXX 1400 Mobile Workstation

BOXX Technologies Inc. announced the new version of its award-winning mobile high-performance workstation, GoBOXX 1400, now powered by AMDs Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core processors. Designed to maximize productivity and performance, GoBOXX 1400 combines the powerful AMD Athlon processor technology with a WUXGA GlassView Type Active Matrix display for 2D/3D graphics and animation professionals on the go.

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RE:Vision Effects Releases RE:Flex for Fusion

RE:Flex brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to eyeon Software's Fusion 5. Superior results are achieved using RE:Vision Effects' proprietary and sophisticated technology. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses the Fusion's own drawing and masking tools to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface.

Software Headline News

Virtools Previews New PSP Development Solution at GDC

Virtools, a Dassault Systèmes company, announced it will preview its upcoming framework for PSP development at GDC 2006, held March 20-24, 2006.

Virtools Dev is the prototyping software leader with an unparalleled and intuitive graphical scripting system and a library of more than 450 ready-to-use behavior building blocks that can be directly attributed to objects, characters, camera, game logic and any other prototype components.

Software Headline News

REALVIZ Launches Stitcher 5.1

REALVIZ has made version 5.1 of its award-winning panorama software, Stitcher, immediately available. With version 5.1, Stitcher now also becomes available in German, in addition to English and French. The release of version 5.1 also accompanies the launch of a brand-new website (, dedicated to the REALVIZ stitching products, Stitcher & Stitcher Express.

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Eovia Announces Hexagon 2

Eovia Corp. has introduced Hexagon 2, a more comprehensive version of the popular 3D polygonal and subdivision modeler, which now includes a multitude of valuable features that allow 3D artists and illustrators to build, texture and preview detailed 3D models prior to rendering.

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Musifier Virtual Orchestra Streamlines Gaming Music

InterAmus Music Systems AB announces a new technology for compositional realtime music morphing at the Game Developers Conference, GDC 2006 in San Jose. This technology makes it possible to create computer games with music that seamlessly follows the story in the game, without knowing the gamers actions or the outcome of the game.

Motion Headline News

Vicon Increases Game Development Roster for MoCap

Vicon has added several new games industry customers validating its position as the predominant provider of in-house motion capture systems and outside motion capture services for game development. More than 800 Vicon MX40 cameras have been installed since June of last year at leaders in the field ranging from Ubisoft and SQUARE ENIX to Electronic Arts. These companies expand a prestigious roster of Vicon games clients worldwide that already includes Epic Games, Microsoft Games, Midway Games, Quantic Dream, Sony Computer Ent.

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Bluefish444 Offers Iridas File Support for HD/Lust

Bluefish444, a leading supplier of uncompressed video cards for the Windows and Linux operating systems, announced that Iridas has certified all of the HD/Lust file formats for use with its applications. This allows colorists and post-production artists to ingest video media for use in SpeedGrade DI or FrameCycler DDS, as well as playing back rendered sequences through an HD SDI output.

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Genemation Heads to GDC

Genemation Ltd., sector leading developer of 3D face synthesis and character modeling tools, announced the April launch of GenHead v3.1. The beta will be demoed at the upcoming GDC expo (Booth #1645) in San Jose, California, March 22-24, 2006. GDC attendees can pre-order GenHead v3.1 or via the website: for $995.00 saving $500. This offer will run for four weeks following the show.

Animation Headline News

NaturalMotion Announces euphoria for Next-Gen Game Platforms

NaturalMotion Ltd. announced euphoria, a breakthrough in run-time animation technology for game play and development on next-gen platforms. Based on NaturalMotions DMS technology, first introduced in endorphin (the off-line character animation tool), euphoria uses the CPUs of next-generation platforms (such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) to synthesize interactive animations on the fly, resulting in truly unique game moments that occur during the players experience.

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Microsoft Unveils Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers

Microsoft offered details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPCs), a new category of mobile computing devices that features small, lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs coupled with the full functionality of a Microsoft Windows-based PC and a choice of input options, including enhanced touch-screen capabilities. Much like a pocket PC, it will be ideal for gaming and for creating 3D models while on the go.

Mobile Headline News

NVIDIA Introduces First HD Integrated Graphics Processor for Notebooks

NVIDIA Corp. launched the company's first integrated graphics processor (IGP) core-logic solution for notebooks. Comprised of the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 graphics processing unit (GPU) and the NVIDIA nForce Go 430 media and communications processor (MCP), the new mobile IGP solution is the first with hardware accelerated H.264 high-definition (HD) video playback.

Animation Headline News

Softimage Launches Face Robot

With facial animation becoming more of a necessity the Oscar-winning KING KONG relied on it heavily Softimage unveils SOFTIMAGE | FACE ROBOT this month, the industrys first software application dedicated to the creation of believable facial animation for high-end film, post and games productions.

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ATI Unleashes Mobility Radeon X1800 Notebook Series

ATI Technologies Inc. has once again raised the bar for notebook gaming with the launch of its Mobility Radeon X1800 series. Delivering the world's fastest gaming performance in today's most graphically intensive games-including Shader Model 3.0- the feature-rich Mobility Radeon X1800 XT takes the lead in the highly competitive notebook gaming segment and is closely followed by Mobility(TM) Radeon X1800.

Motion Headline News

Vicon Ent. Division Opens L.A. Base

Underscoring its increasing market strength and proximity to innovation in motion pictures, games and television, Academy Award-winning motion capture technology developer Vicon recently launched a Los Angeles-based operation for its U.S. entertainment division.

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BOXX Support New AMD Opteron Processors 885 and 285

BOXX Technologies Inc. will further increase the processing power of the new BOXX APEXX 4 super-workstation and its 3DBOXX 7400 and 5400 series dual-processor workstations by supporting Dual-Core AMD Opteron models 885 and 285.

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ATI Delivers Improved Gaming With CrossFire Xpress 3200 Chipset

ATI Technologies Inc. has apparently changed the rules of the motherboard industry with the introduction of its CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset, delivering the enthusiast gaming platform of the future. Developed from the ground up for multi-GPU gaming, the CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset arguably enables the world's fastest gaming performance, advanced overclocking capabilities and bedrock stability available in an AMD-based PC motherboard today.

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Rendercore Launches Macintosh OSX Support for Maya 7.0

Rendercore Inc. provides complete integration and support for Mac OSX version of Maya 7.0 from Alias.

"With prevalence of Mac OSX as an important part of creating photoreal imagery in the computer graphics industry, we worked diligently to include the Maya Mac OSX version shortly after its introduction," commented Brian Kim, technical director for Rendercore.

Animation Headline News

ILM Relies on Vue 5 Infinite From e-on

Industrial Light & Magic is using Vue 5 Infinite, e-on softwares natural 3D environment solution, on some of its upcoming projects, filling a void in its existing tool set.

"e-on products are a great addition to our production tool set and we are planning to expand their use throughout our entire facility, said Cliff Plumer, Lucasfilm cto. You will probably be seeing a lot of Vue in future productions.

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RE:Vision Effects Releases RE:Flex for Fusion 5

RE:Flex from RE:Vision Effects brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to eyeon Software's Fusion 5. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses the Fusion's own drawing and masking tools to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface.

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NASA Enlists Houston Students for Mars Project

Media arts and animation students from The Art Institute of Houston have been enlisted by NASA to create new designs for an all-terrain vehicle for exploration on Mars, reports the HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL. The 11-week quarter class will have students developing the vehicle, a power module to help recharge the vehicle when out in the field and a stationary land base.

"When academia participates in real world problems, students move from theory to application which involves risking and failing," says Anthony C. Bruins, NASA's Mission Control Center system architect.

Effects Headline News

wondertouch Releases particleIllusion Professional Emitter Libraries

wondertouch announced the release of the Professional Emitter Libraries, a collection of six new particle emitter libraries for the company's award-winning particleIllusion 3.0 software, widely regarded for creating high-quality, complex particle animations.