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Category: Technology

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Rendercore Releases Remote Rendering Solutions for Turtle

Rendercore Inc., a worldwide leader in remote rendering solutions, announced complete integration and support lluminate Labs Turtle on Rendercore's state-of-the-art render farm, based in downtown Los Angeles.

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Artbeats Releases Code Rush and Code Storm

The cyber worlds dark side, distorted figures and high frequency waves are only a few of the CG backgrounds featured in Artbeats' new Code Rush and Code Storm royalty-free stock footage collections. Code Rush is a grunge-filled title that traverses virtual wastelands, moves through cities ravaged by mysterious debris and travels through time warps riddled with fantastic geometric shapes. Code Storm is a bizarre collection of frenzied display screens and digital chaos that is sure to evoke creativity.

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REALVIZ MatchMover Pro 4.0 Now Available

MatchMover Pro 4.0 is currently shipping and offers a powerful new central automatic tracking engine, based on the power of SMART. In addition to providing radical new performance levels, MatchMover Pro 4.0 boasts a brand new look, with redesigned icons, colors and a slick, minimalist feel. A complete re-writing of export formats allows a perfectly smooth import of results, as well as additional features such as direct non-linear distortion management within Maya, 3ds Max, XSI and LightWave 3D.

Animation Headline News

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore to be Maya-centric

Alias Maya software has been chosen as the chief 3D animation technology at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. The animation studio, which opened today (Oct. 27, 2005), is gearing up to produce digital animated content including films and television for global audiences. The choice of Maya not only gives the Singapore studio access to world-leading 3D modeling, animation and visual effects technology, it also assists in drawing top animation talent to their facility.

Animation Headline News

AMD64 Helps Power Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

AMD announced that the digital backbone of the new Lucasfilm Animation Singapore digital animation center is powered by AMD64 processor technology. The Singapore facility is Lucasfilm Ltd.s first animation studio in Asia and complements its new Letterman Digital Arts Center at the Presidio in San Francisco.

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Luxology Releases modo 103 Service Update

Luxology Llc., the creators of modo, a leading subdivision surface and polygonal 3D modeling platform, announced the release of its free modo 103 service update. The modo 103 update features a host of advances, including the debut of a new UV mapping technology that greatly simplifies and accelerates the UV unwrapping process, and improved stability for specific hardware configurations.

Animation Headline News

NaturalMotion Ships endorphin 2.5

NaturalMotion Ltd., the developers of breakthrough 3D animation technology based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), announced that it is now shipping endorphin 2.5, the latest version of the companys award-winning 3D character animation software, at a new price of USD $9,495. endorphin 2.5s powerful new behavioral animation features, enhanced asset repurposing and improved FBX support, allow animators to quickly create realistic, fully interactive 3D character animation for games, films and broadcast production.

Effects Headline News

particleIllusion Upgrade Promotion Offered to Combustion Users

wondertouch announced a special limited-time upgrade promotion that allows registered owners of the Autodesk Combustion 3 or Combustion 4 desktop software programs to receive more than 50% off of particleIllusion 3.0, the latest version of the company's cornerstone, sprite-based particle effects software application. The promotion, which ends Nov. 15, enables Combustion 3 or Combustion 4 software owners to purchase the standalone version of particleIllusion 3.0 for Windows or Mac OS X platforms, at a reduced price of $179, a savings of $220.

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Pixologic Releases ZApp Link Plug-In

Continuing the roadmap to ZBrush 2.5, Pixologic have announced the release of a new plug-in, ZApp Link.

ZApp Link is a free plug-in that extends and enhances ZBrushs texturing and illustration capabilities by automating the connection with programs such as Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator.

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Apple Introduces Power Mac G5 Quad & Power Mac G5 Dual

Apple today (Oct. 19,2005) unveiled its new Power Mac G5 desktop line featuring the Power Mac G5 Quad, providing quad-core processing with two 2.5 GHz dual-core PowerPC G5 processors. All Power Mac G5 models now feature dual-core processors, a new PCI Express architecture and higher performance graphics options including NVIDIA's Quadro FX 4500.

Software Headline News

Vue 5 Easel Now Shipping

e-on software announced the immediate availability of Vue 5 Easel, the new entry level version of its award winning Vue product line. Vue 5 Easel will be retailing at $99 for physical products and $89 for electronic download versions with an introductory price tag of $79. At the same time, e-on software also announces an aggressive price drop on the Esprit product line for a limited period of time.

Motion Headline News

MPC Utilizes Vicon MX40 System

Vicon recently installed a motion-capture rig at London's Moving Picture Co. (MPC), which was put to use on CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, where, thanks to Vicon motion data and MPC's proprietary crowd simulation software, Alice, one single Oompa Loompa character was cloned to create an army of miniature workers in this visually stunning reinterpretation of the 1971 classic.

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Rendercore Launches RenMan 2.70

RenderCore announce that RenMan client 2.70 has been launched, which now supports Maya 7.

Integrated Alias MotionBuilder technology, and enhancements to deformers and skinning tools make animating characters faster, easier and more accurate. The industry's leading full-body IK solver makes rigging and posing characters faster and easier, and enables the natural articulation of biped and quadruped models. Deformations are now more flexible.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom Part of Québec Trade Mission to China

Toon Boom Animation announced its participation in the China Trade Mission led by Québec Premier Jean Charest. During the trade mission Toon Boom will present three awards to some of its customers and partners, as well as sign a development agreement.

Autodesk Headline News

Autodesk Ships 3ds Max 8 Software

On the heels of last weeks momentous Alias acquisition, Autodesk Inc. has begun shipping 3ds Max 8, the latest version of its award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution. Created to address growing 3D pipeline complexity with new data management, character animation and speed/performance advancements, 3ds Max software will better help customers realize their creative 3D ideas for game development, film and video production and design visualization.

Free Headline News

NewTek Releases LightWave 3D 8.5

NewTek Inc. announced the release of the fifth free update and the 64-bit port for Emmy award-winning LightWave 3D. Version 8.5 offers hardware support of OpenGL 2.0, the new Multishift tool with editable history, Photoshop-style texture blending modes, improved dynamics and easier integration of third-party file formats.

Headline News

Cine-tal to Support Iridas File Format

Cine-tal, a leading developer of image processing, display and collaboration solutions, and Iridas, which first pioneered non-destructive color grading, announced that the Cinemage Intelligent Display Server product line will include full support for Iridas .look file format. Looks created in SpeedGrade OnSet can now be applied directly in Cine-tals Cinemage calibrated HD display system providing a simple solution for graded shot review and digital dailies during production.

Software Headline News

DAZ Prods. Hosts Ridiculously Big CG Sale

DAZ Prods. Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D software and models, will host the "Ridiculously Big CG Sale," an exclusive two-week promotion, Oct. 7-22 on the DAZ Prods. website ( This promotion offers discounts on products from top industry companies, including: Caligari, Eovia, Right Hemisphere, Strata Software, EVGA, Corel, E-Frontier, e-on software and Starting Oct. 7 at 8:00 am, MT, each of these companies will offer one of their products at a 30-60% discount for one day each to everyone who is a registered member on DAZ's website.

Software Headline News

eyeon Software Ships Fusion 5

eyeon Software Inc. has started shipping its core compositing application, Fusion 5. Features include: 3D compositions with lights, cameras and primitives, OpenGL acceleration with display views, and an essential change to ASCII files. These, and all of Fusion 5's advanced features, are the result of significant artist feedback.

Technology Headline News

Softimage Launches ‘3D Love’ Tour

Avid Technology Inc. announced a series of worldwide launch events for SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 5.0, the latest edition of the companys flagship 3D animation software, will take place across North America, Europe and Asia. The events will showcase the powerful new features of XSI v.5.0, including the film-quality map generation capabilities in Ultimapper, the unique property transfer tools in GATOR and the latest migration tools for Maya users.

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Alias FBX SDK to Support COLLADA

Alias announced that its FBXsoftware development kit (SDK), the most widely used and supported file interchange platform in the digital entertainment content development community, will soon incorporate support for third party file formats, including COLLADA. As an XML based, multi-vendor exchange format launched by Sony Computer Ent. Inc., COLLADA was recently adopted as an open-standard initiative by the Khronos Group and is used by game content developers, particularly those developing art assets for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and wireless handheld devices.

Color Headline News

Iridas Releases SpeedGrade DI

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 12:00am

Iridas announced the release of SpeedGrade DI. The new application offers an industry-leading feature set for digital color grading and film finishing. In addition, SpeedGrade DI anchors the industry's first complete color pipeline with SpeedGrade OnSet (look management) and FrameCycler (calibrated review with grading applied). The result is complete mobility of color data up, down, and across production pipeline, opening the door to new, collaborative color workflow models.