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Magic.Mountain Brings Chaos to the City in KILLBOY’s ‘That’s Okay I’ll Just Fuck Myself’

In new music video, animator and designer Josh Burke portrays the singer’s harrowing journey through an urban inferno raging against the backdrop of a neon-infused game-styled cityscape.

Take a moment to enjoy the music video of KILLBOY’s latest single, “That’s Okay I’ll Just Fuck Myself,’ created by animator and designer Magic.Mountain (Josh Burke). Burke captures elements of the singer/songwriter’s past experiences with the police as she journeys through a neon-colored cityscape ravaged by fire, with a distinct video game vibe and chaotic 3D perspective inspired by current styles, storytellers and events.

Using Blender for animation and rendering, and After Effects and Premiere for compositing and editing, Burke notes that he “always wanted to create a world that is wild and realistic with colors that you can almost taste.” “Visual influence is pooched from a wide range of video games, style influencers and current events,” he adds. “For video content, my biggest influence is Tyler The Creator’s ‘Yonkers’ video. The raw pain and vulnerability cuts through the fast-paced flexing and speaks to our hearts.”

At first, the animator wasn’t sure how best to visualize the meaning of the song. “Initially, I thought this track was about the actual title,” he laughs. “However, I was living life, listening to the track off and on, and then I made a terrible business deal and realized that’s precisely what the song is about. I felt the shock of being in a tough place and wanting out. So, we went with an escape theme in a world full of cute chaos.”

His biggest challenge on the project was working with lyrics describing KILLBOY’s experiences with the police. “Avoiding anything overtly political but still reflecting current developments was the toughest balance,” he shares.  

In addition, choreographing the singer’s moves wasn’t as easy as expected. “The ‘dance’ moves were pretty weird to create,” he reveals. “I asked my quarantina to act it out for reference and they were appalled. When KILLBOY told me the idea, I thought, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ But once I committed to the idea, it was dynamic and on the edge. That's KILLBOY energy.”

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