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WATCH: ‘The Bruvs’ ‘Lockdown Blues’ Music Video

The pandemic provides a chance at self-improvement for villain brothers Doug and Den Bruv, who take up guitar and pen a bluesy ode to the world of social distancing and coronavirus quarantines. 

While much of the media world is in lockdown, the animation world seems busier than ever. And indie Brit comedy cartoon rogues The Bruvs are no exception. Working remotely using home equipment, video conferences and low budget shortcuts, the cult adult comedy team is bringing a bunch of new content to their fans worldwide.

The Bruvs are a family of brutish, thick bodied villains trying and failing to change their ways in a new home. Usually things end badly as the leading men – brothers Doug and Den Bruv – try to embrace frothy coffees, art, culture, and being good citizens.  

The new song, “Lockdown Blues,” was created by Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour, the infamous pair who are to blame for all The Bruvs songs and music, most of which have been described as “annoyingly catchy” by critics. The song tells how The Bruvs clan are dealing with lockdown in their unique way. Challenges like home-schooling, toilet roll demand, and self-isolation are covered.

Now a music video has been launched to accompany the song on The Bruvs YouTube channel. It reveals that brothers Doug and Den have not wasted their lockdown time… They have learnt guitar. And bemoan a life without toilet paper. The resulting video demonstrating their non-virtuoso axemanship is below:

The Bruvs cartoon series, created six years ago by writer producer Ian Brown, animation director Eoin Clarke and Editor Paul Richmond, now has more than 40 short films on its own YouTube channel. After a brief run on the UK channel Dave and its VoD service UKTVplay – becoming the first animation and the first shorts on both platforms – The Bruvs material is now exclusive to YouTube and their own social sites: Twitter, Facebook, IG, and soundcloud.  

A new animated adventure is in the works for The Bruvs, as well as a series of shorts offering their own take on Lockdown Guidance.

“We’re thrilled to be able to work on and to try to help people laugh a bit during this trying time,” Ian says. “We hope people like what we’re bringing out. So far, the reception has been good, which is most pleasing.”

You can find more about The Bruvs here:

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