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KLIK GROWS UP . . . But doesn’t Outgrow Fun! KLIK AMSTERDAM ANIMATION FESTIVAL - 7 through 11 - November, 2012

The minute that I walked into the Eye it was apparent that KLIK had not changed, but the Eye might never be the same.  Cruising around in the air were a shiver of motorized inflatable sharks (yes, a group of sharks is indeed a shiver).  The greeters at the registration desk were handing out KLIKERS, small plastic clickers which are the symbol of the festival that the audience uses to register their approval rather than the usual clapping.

The opening night festivities got underway when as guests were invited to sit on the broad stairway leading from the ground floor to the mezzanine main screening room for a performance by Firma Zwakstroon.  The Dutch multi-disciplinary trio incorporated pantomime, music, and animation as they morphed into different shapes and forms, finally ending by disappearing into what seemed like large plastic bubbles.

Animation Blogs

Perry’s Previews: 2013 Oscar Animation Shorts Review, Director Interviews & Prediction

By Perry Chen | Monday, February 11, 2013 at 2:15pm

2012 was an amazing year for animation short films. This year’s Oscar nominees share one thing in common: they are all silent films, each demonstrating the power of pure storytelling with only visuals and music! The nominees are: “Paperman”, “Fresh Guacamole”, “Maggie Simpson in the Longest Daycare,” “Head over Heels,” and “Adam and Dog.”


The Promised Land: Part 4

Israel's demand for its neighbors’ recognition of its right to existence as an independent state is essential. Which country would not seek it or fight for it, if need to? But there is another facet to this, one which came to my focus while there, Israel's right to existence as the Jewish state. This is an all together other, vastly more complex an issue.