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35 UP (1992) (****)

Starting as a one-off TV special, the UP documentary series transformed into an amazing sociological study and film achievement, thanks to director Michael Apted, who has been on the series from the beginning and has helmed it since 7 PLUS SEVEN. Watching a group of British citizens from various walks of life since they age of seven, the series chronicles the ups and downs of living like no other. For this installment, we aren’t seeing the radical personality shifts that we saw in earlier editions, but change is still evident. In many ways, this installment is the most melancholy thus far.

For this chapter, two more subjects dropped away and one other returns. We don’t get an update on Peter, who at 28, seemed dissatisfied with his job as a teacher and his marriage, dreaming of the days when he played in a band. We also don’t see Simon, the only mixed race participant, who at 28, was content with having a stable job at a meat packing plant, which provided for his family. Charles, who was a producer at 28 and did not participate in the previous film, declined again.


5th ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan

Dear Readers, Spring sunshine has finally arrived here and along with it calls for animation festivals.  ReAnimania is a very excellent festival, I know people involved with it, and encourage you to send your films to the festival.

The mandate of the ReAnimania Int. Animation Film Festival of Yerevan (ReA IAFFY) is to celebrate the vibrant community of animation films, producers and animation artists in Armenia, on the Southern Caucasian region and beyond.
The 5th ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan will be held from the 2nd of November to the 8th of November 2013. It's worth mentioning that this year "ReAnimania" IAFFY's 5-year jubilee coincides with the 75th anniversary of Armenian animation art.
Since our beginnings as the ReAnimania Int. Animation Film Festival of Yerevan in 2009, our event has attracted more than 9000 spectators/audience, 87 sponsors, 66 industry judges/juries, 28 Junior Juries, 21 speakers, and many other significant educational and business leaders within and outside of the film and Animation community. Other accomplishments include:
- Over 500 entries received.
- More than 400 films screened, between, over 400 short and more than 25 feature films screened.
The festival is led by Board Members, such as, Mrs. Tiziana Losche -Director of Annecy Int. Animation film festival (France), Max Howard-Director and founder of EXODUS animation production company (US), Susie Wilson- Int. Animation film festival programmer (Scotland) and  local professionals, advisers and core staff, and is run entirely by dedicated volunteers.


Anidox: Lab

Partner with Visual storytellers for Exclusive Creative Dialog:

Open your mind and get inspired!

Animation directors meet Documentarians to maximize their artistic capacity – For projects in development, creative research and for forming new collaborations.

In a series Professional Seminars - Animated Documentary AniDox: Lab will offer talented documentary and animation filmmakers the opportunity to engage and combine their two worlds. It will tackle both a time-based cinematic approach, as well as digital platforms that allow for multiple story and timelines. The coaching seminars and collaborative workshops are conducted in English. They are designed to progress from fine-tuning an initial idea, through narrative development, to pitching sessions in prestigious settings (CPH:DOX FORUM November 2013).

Application Deadline: 14 April, 2013
Please submit a Project description and Filmmakers statement.
Attach CV/Bio and links to works online.
Contact: Tim Leborgne -

  • The Animation Workshop: Viborg, Denmark.

AniDox. Seminar: 24-26 May 2013
Focus on introducing new Animated Documentary Practices and Initiating collaborations/Project Teams.
Talks by Paul Fierlinger (TBC) and Uri Kranot.

  • The Danish Film Institute: Copenhagen, Denmark.

AniDox. Lab: 21-23 June 2013
Focus on Collaborative ProductionGuidelines, case studies and one-on-one consultations by Filmmaker Jonas Odell (TBC) and other expert professionals.

  • The film Lab (The Animation Workshop): Pula, Croatia.

AniDox. Workshop: 11-15 September 2013
Focus on Art and Design and a unique approach to the creative pitch and trailer.
A hands-on workshop guided by (TBC) Art Director David Polonsky (Waltz with Bashir) and including talks and lectures by distributors/ and multiplatform producers.

For more information:


Call for Entries: KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival

Hello friends from the animated media! We have just opened this year's competitions for animated shorts in the categories Professional, Student, Commissioned and 3-D Stereoscopic animation! Your entry will also automatically compete for the Amsterdam Audience Award, the Young Amsterdam Audience Award and the Political Animation Award. So don't wait any longer and get those animated beauties to our office, pronto!

Submit your film online via

P.S. Don't forget to decorate your envelope to have a shot at the Most Awesome Envelope Award!

On a side note, without further ado, we proudly present to you the KLIK! World Domination Award! From now on, every year, this shiny and sparkly award will honor an organisation, studio or individual that helped Dutch animation take another step towards total world domination. Everyone - so yes, that includes you! - will be able to propose animators, producers, organisations, etc. who you think deserve this award.