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CALL FOR ENTRY: Rozafa AniFest 2013

The organizers would like to announce the opening of the International Festive film for Children and Young Audience Rozafa AniFest 2013, which will be held in the city of Shkodra, Albania from September 23- 28, 2013.


Each authorized person who applies for film registration "………………........................……………." at the International Film Festival "ROZAFA AniFest 2013" after reading this paragraph

“ The applicant films for the Festival are going to be programmed to pass the first phase of the competition by subjecting the general thoughts of the public by voting and engaging in the competitive program on TV.

Film Blogs

Toon Boom Sponsors Award-Winning Child Animator Perry Chen’s New Film About His Late Father

Toon Boom Animation sent a donation check to Perry S. Chen to help fund his new and most personal animation film “Changyou’s Journey,” about his father's fight against cancer.


ANIMA BRUSSELS – The Brussels Animation Festival February 8 – 17, 2013; Brussels, Belgium

Each year I look forward to Anima Brussels because it is my first festival of the year and an opportunity to see a large number of new Belgian animated films.  Over the ten days of ANIMA there are also many noted guests and old friends.

The festivities got off to a start opening night with the much anticipated Italian/Belgian/Luxemburg animated feature co-production Pinocchio by Italian director Enzo D’Alo.

The first half of the animated feature seemed to drag along slowly, it comes to life in the second half, when Pinocchio reaches Donkey Island.  Suddenly the screen lit up with characters that looked straight out of the American/German artist Richard Lindner’s paintings, bursting into song and dance as the wayward boys get lured into the dungeon where they are slowly turned into donkeys.  Lorenzo Mattotti’s brilliant talents as a noted comic book artist and graphic designer are shown to their fullest in this sequence.


CALL FOR ENTRIES - KROK International Animation Festival

KROK is one of my favorite festivals and I look forward to it every year.  Nik and I have been sailing on the KROK boat for over ten years so I recommend that you submit your work to KROK and come join the happy KROK family as we sail on up the Dnieper River.


Dear friends!

We would like to invite you to take part in Animated Film Festival KROK 2013!

We are so happy to announce that it is the 20th birthday of our festival, so we want to celebrate it in a best way possible! Please, pay attention that this year KROK runs earlier, from the 1st till the 10th of September, 2013 and consists of:

- Films up to 5 minutes

- Films of 5-10 minutes


35 UP (1992) (****)

Starting as a one-off TV special, the UP documentary series transformed into an amazing sociological study and film achievement, thanks to director Michael Apted, who has been on the series from the beginning and has helmed it since 7 PLUS SEVEN. Watching a group of British citizens from various walks of life since they age of seven, the series chronicles the ups and downs of living like no other. For this installment, we aren’t seeing the radical personality shifts that we saw in earlier editions, but change is still evident. In many ways, this installment is the most melancholy thus far.

For this chapter, two more subjects dropped away and one other returns. We don’t get an update on Peter, who at 28, seemed dissatisfied with his job as a teacher and his marriage, dreaming of the days when he played in a band. We also don’t see Simon, the only mixed race participant, who at 28, was content with having a stable job at a meat packing plant, which provided for his family. Charles, who was a producer at 28 and did not participate in the previous film, declined again.