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Celebrating the 20th Edition of the Stuttgart Animation Festival

By Dan Sarto | Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 1:27pm

This year the Trickfilm Festival has taken its place at the top of world class animation festivals and once again I can honestly say that if I could only attend one festival a year it would be the Trickfilm Festival.


CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF THE TRICKFILM FESTIVAL: 23 - 28 April, 2013,Stuttgart, Germany

Each year I wait with great anticipation for the International Trickfilm Festival of Animation and the 2013 20th anniversary edition did not disappoint me.  As befits a milestone 20th anniversary special guests abounded.  The venerable British master of puppet animation, Barry Purves, presented 2 programs of his films, and a screen play workshop he titled “The Naked Animator”.  Alas, Barry did not appear in the altogether but he did bare the naked truth and some harsh realities about a life devoted to puppet animation.  Barry is such an entertaining speaker that I would go out of my way anytime to listen to him read the telephone book which I am sure would be most eloquent with numerous funny asides so the opportunity to hear him talk about what still drives and inspires him to continue to create after 35 years in the land of puppets was a rare treat.



Greetings, our animatin' friends! This year's Call for Entries is in full swing! Animated beauties in the categories Professional, Student, Commissioned and 3-D Stereoscopic animation are flooding in. Don't forget to submit your newest animation too, before it's too late, meaning before July 1st! You can submit online via Aside from the category you submit your animation to, your animation will also automatically compete for the Amsterdam Audience Award, the Young Amsterdam Audience Award and the Political Animation Award.