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Blogs Creating Your Client List

By Lisa Kaye | Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 1:58pm

Like any seasoned professional worth their weight in contacts, knowing who can help you when you need a job is vital to your long-term success no matter where you are in your career. Creating your client list is like new business development; you need to know where the opportunities are when you go to sell your best commodity, yourself.

Blogs Encounter with Peru Part 1 - Non-Human Storytellers

I came across this amazing sculptured scene contained within a small, simple box. As I swung open its flimsy doors, it unveiled to me an astoundingly fantastical realm hidden within its tiny confinements. Its thoughtfully choreographed scene bloomed with magical stories exploding with imagination and fantasy. It rightly took my breath away.

Blogs Which OS Should You Target?

By Dan Sarto | Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:17am

Wireless history is filled with plenty of examples, good and bad, including the webOS flash in the pan. Fast-changing fates make it challenging for developers to decide which OS to support. The research firm iGR has been tracking the mobile market for a dozen years, and I recently spoke with its vice president of wireless and mobile communications research about what developers need to consider.

Blogs Watch Andrew Stanton's Commencement Address at Animation Mentor

By Dan Sarto | Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 11:44am

We've posted two-time Oscar-winner Andrew Stanton's (Monsters Inc, Toy Story, John Carter, Finding Nemo and others) commencement address from last month's Animation Mentor graduation. Humor, insight and enthusiasm from one of Pixar's brightest stars.

Blogs Review: ParaNorman is in a Class All Its Own

By Dan Sarto | Friday, August 17, 2012 at 1:47pm

There’s a reason very few studios make stop-motion feature films – like trying to out-talk Lena Dunham, it’s unbelievably difficult. Credit LAIKA - ParaNorman is exquisitely animated, with a depth of visuals and fluidity of motion that is truly fantastic. You’ve never seen stop-motion like this. The acting, the range of motion, the sets, the props, the costumes, and the attention to detail is apparent in every scene.

Blogs THE COFFEE TABLE BOOK OF DOOM by Steven Appleby & Art Lester

Hard Cover, 224 Pages

Published in UK by Square Peg, A member of the Random House Group

Order on Amazon ( and also .com)  £14.99 (approximately €19)

US Release Date - 25 September, 2012  by Plume, A member of the Penguin Group

Just in case you don’t have enough to worry about, writer Art Lester and artist/cartoonist/animator Steven Appleby have just published their new book, The Coffee Table Book of Doom.

As you laugh your way to your fallout shelter germ mask firmly in place, Lester and Appleby alert you to everything from religious and political doom to medical and technological catastrophe and beyond.

But never fear, they also give us a glimmer of hope by reminding us of many of the impending doomsayers’ predictions that have never materialized.  Remember Y2K and the fundamentalist preachers who were so confident that the world will end that they have even predicted the exact dates and times?  So far they have been wrong . . . but as The Coffee Table Book of Doom reminds us - it can always happen.


By Eric Fogel | Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 10:56pm

Growing up, I was a latch key kid, often coming home to an empty house after school. My babysitters’ names were Popeye, Tom, Jerry, Bugs and Daffy. I was literally raised on those old school cartoons with their over the top slapstick violence and impeccable timing.They would leave an indelible mark on me.

Blogs Perry’s Previews Movie Review and Filmmaker Interview: 'ParaNorman'

By Perry Chen | Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 10:13pm

I really enjoyed this film, and can relate to Norman because I have been bullied before, like most people, for being different. The film is very emotional and about proving one’s inner power. I am really impressed by how the animators created the film out of stop motion! I marveled at the intricate metal skeleton design of the assembly for the puppets used for the making of the film.


Theme is the most important element of any screenplay. It aligns and focuses the plot, subplots, characters and dialogue. It is the Rosetta stone which allows you to translate that great concept you have into a great screenplay. But that’s not all it does...

Blogs Is Windows Phone Worth It?

By Dan Sarto | Monday, August 6, 2012 at 5:24pm

FourBros Studio created a buzz about its success with Windows Phone 7, telling about ad impressions and real dollars generated. I recently spoke with Nathan Furtwangler, FourBros Studio member and developer, about what other developers can learn from their team and how their strategies might be applied to Windows Phone 8.

Blogs Tune It Up: Developing Music Apps

By Dan Sarto | Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 5:16pm

Mobile apps for tuning a variety of musical instruments are readily available, but a recently demonstrated iPad app expands the musician-helper category beyond those basic tools. The software, dubbed Celeste, helps configure pipe organs and was among the featured apps at the University of Utah’s Mobile Application Demo Day.

Blogs JOHN K. TELLS US HIS FAMILY HISTORY in "Cans Without Labels"

Everyone knows John Kricfalusi, or John K as he is better known, the creator of the legendary Ren and Stimpy Show.  After a string of commercial works John has begun a very personal animation project and you can be part of it.

The ever generous John K. is not just taking.  For a pledge of $1.00 or more you will receive a DRM free digital copy of Cans Without Labels sent to you with John K.’s gratitude.  There are more fabulous rewards for your generosity moving up the scale at about $5.00 increments all the way up to a $10,000 pledge level.  For a donation of $10,000 you will receive a personal caricature done by John K. and he will “animate your ass” into Cans Without Labels!  You will also receive an esteemed Executive Producer credit along with a DVD of the film.  As a special gift you will receive a can without a label with your credit on it personally signed by John K.  SUCH A DEAL!!!!

Blogs Crash Landing – Encounter with Reality Part 2

And so it seems that humanity is loosing appreciation and benefits of simple and pure nothingness, of silence and calm, which come with not being under pressure to talk, to respond, to converse, react, but instead to think and feel, digest and reflect. Why?

Blogs The Battle For Celebrity Deathmatch, Part 1

In the case of Celebrity Deathmatch, I knew I had a solid concept – two celebrities with a score to settle face off in a clay animated wrestling ring…and fight to the death! The pitch could not have been any simpler and yet it had all of the components of great entertainment – pop culture, biting satire, cartoony violence and an animation style that was beloved but seldom seen. And yet it would take MTV over a year to greenlight a pilot!