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Blogs ANNECY INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2012 - 4 through 9 June 2012, Annecy, France

I always approach Annecy with mixed feelings.  On the one hand it is an opportunity to see so many dear old friends from all over the world, along with special programs that won’t screen at any other festival, but over the past few years it has become very commercial and shifted the emphasis away from short, independent animation to feature films.  With over 7,000 people attending the festival it has become harder and harder for people to get tickets to screenings that they want to see, and if you don’t book a room very early you could end up staying miles from the festival. This year, in spite of many potential difficulties, I did enjoy myself.

The big news of the week wasn’t about film per se, but was Serge Bromberg’s closing night announcement that after 14 years as Festival Artistic Director he is passing the artistic baton to Marcel Jean.  Serge wants to concentrate his efforts on his production company, Lobster Films which finds and restoring classic films such as his recent efforts in restoring missing footage to George Milies’ 1902 film A Trip to the Moon.  He did say that he “would see us all next year because I already have my ticket to the 2013 festival”.


The Goethe-Institut Italy is launching a contest for animated short films in occasion of the 200 anniversary of the Children and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm.
Are you a young animator and do you want to accept the challenge to explore Grimms classics innovatively and transport them into today's reality creating animated short films with a maximum length of 5 minutes?
Deadline of submission: August 24, 2012
First Prize: 1500 € audience award for each an Italian and German short
For more information and participation please consult the website:
The first videos have already been submitted and can be viewed or commented on our website!


I recently went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and looked at dozens of pencil drawings by Gustav Klimt. Surprisingly, I made an interesting mental connection with screenplay outlines: A pencil drawing visualizing what is going to be painted is to an oil what a screenplay is to a film.

Blogs Wait, Weight? Don’t Tell Me, I Can’t Be…

By IACG | Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 3:22pm

I’m in the UK having recently returned from attending the Cannes Film Festival, followed shortly thereafter by the Annecy International Animation Festival. These two events, both in France, separated by just a few days, are the premiere festivals in the international calendar for live action and animation respectively.

Blogs Announcing the Festival of European Student Animation - Belgrade, Serbia

This is a new student festival under the direction of animator and Renaissance man extraordinaire Rastok Ciric.  If he is involved I know that the festival will be well run.  Only European Student Films will be accepted for the competition but student films from other countries can be submitted for non-competition screenings at the festival.

Initiated by the Public Enterprise “Belgrade Fortress”, FESA – Festival of European Student Animation, was established in 2012 under the auspices of Serbian Ministry for Culture.
The main goal of the festival is to promote the art of animation from the European countries and to create conditions that will enable the younger generation to conquer new concepts and new technologies.
The Festival of European Student Animation is going to be held in the period of September 1th to 2nd 2012.
The Festival is comprised of Students Competition programs (film schools and single student authors)
This year’s competition theme is THE RITUAL in the widest sense of the terms.
Only animated films / works of European production not longer than 30 minutes will be accepted (using classical »frame by frame« or computer animation techniques or combining live action and animation (Animation being primary media).
Works completed in this Millenium will be considered eligible for this year’s festival.
Works coming from Non European Countries cannot be accepted for competition, but can be screened at the festival
if chosen by the Pre-Selection Committee.
One author can submit more than one film according to festival rules.
There is no entry fee.
For Pre-Selection films must be sent in MP4, AVI or MOV format.
The ENTRY FORM – please download from the festival website:
They should be sent to –
The Entry Form must be sent together with:
- digital copy of the film for Pre-Selection,
- two or more stills from the film (6 cm width, 300 dpi),
- film synopsis (maximum 500 characters)
- photo of the author,
- brief biography of the author and filmography.

Blogs The Head Is Born

The beautiful thing about inspiration is that you never know when it’s going to hit. Case in point – it’s 1989 and I’m working in the equipment checkout room at NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts. The room is where student filmmakers go to borrow the cameras, lights and all the grip stands they’ll need to make their films.

Blogs Crash Landing – Encounter with Reality Part 1

Spending time, living in and discovering a foreign country is exciting and enlightening to me. So, on this particular occasion returning to the “New World” proved to be more of a sobering experience than usual. As you read on, you will realize that it actually tested and contested my own tolerance and open mindedness.

Blogs The Friday Five - Falls, Trips, Metamorphosis (Week of 6/21/12)

The Friday Five returns with falls, surreal trips, and strange transformations. This week: "Metamorphosis" (BUCK), "38-39°C" (Kangmin Kim), "The Fox" (WINTR), "Black Sun" (Kagemu), "Junkyard" (Hisko Hulsing)