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WATCH: Guru Studio Unveils Trailer for ‘Space Between Stars’ Short

First project produced as part of Guru’s new short film program is directed by Samuel W. Bradley with a score by composer Jim Guthrie.

‘Space Between Stars’ by Samuel W. Bradley. © Guru Animation Studio 2018.

Toronto-based animation studio Guru Studio has released the first trailer for its newest short film, Space Between Stars. Created by in-house artist Samuel W. Bradley, the film follows a group of ethereal creatures exploring a vast and unsettling derelict space station.

Space Between Stars is a science fiction fable about the nature of conflict.” Bradley said of the new 10-minute short. “I was fortunate to work with an incredibly talented group of artists that successfully achieved our goal of creating emotive and compelling characters in a rich, stylized environment.”

Inspired by Bradley’s art, the studio assembled a team of artists, many of whom had worked together at Guru as part of the Oscar-nominated feature The Breadwinner. Employing a combination of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere, Autodesk Maya, Da Vinci Resolve, Houdini, Nuke, Redshift, Substance Painter, and Toon Boom Harmony, Guru built a custom pipeline that could seamlessly combine 2D and 3D artwork on-screen.

Accompanying the film’s haunting visual aesthetic is a memorable score by composer Jim Guthrie, known for his award-winning work in film, television and, most recently, video games. His game catalogue includes Sword & Sworcery (iOS, Steam), Soundshapes, (PS4), Planet Coaster (Steam), Reigns: Her Majesty (iOS and Steam), Grift Lands (Steam) and the highly anticipated Below (Xbox One).

Guru Studio’s short film program was created in 2016 with a goal to discover and develop new creators and directors and to support them on their storytelling journey. Space Between Stars was selected among dozens of pitches from across the studio and marks Bradley’s directorial debut.

Source: Guru Studio

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