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Headline News Disney Playhouse Adds More Captain Carlos & New Shane's Kindergarten Countdown

Two short-form series, the new SHANE'S KINDERGARTEN COUNTDOWN (a spinoff of the popular SHANNA'S SHOW) and new installments of ADVENTURES IN NUTRITION WITH CAPTAIN CARLOS, premiered June 20 during Playhouse Disney's new "Breakfast with Bear" hour on Disney Channel. The programming block will now air weekdays from 7:00-8:00 am.

Headline News Sedelmaier Animates Spots to Help Maxim Men Protect Their Masculinity

Sedelmaier Productions has summoned his creative crew to produce a series of vitally important cartoons depicting the heroic actions of the Maxim Ranger as he strives to show man how to protect his precious sense of manhood in these perilously confusing times. The heroic figure is an animated icon for MAXIM MAGAZINE, the highly successfully mens entertainment publication.

Headline News Disney's The Buzz on Maggie Flies Debutes on Disney Channel

The art direction and gags in the new animated new comedy, DISNEYS THE BUZZ ON MAGGIE, from Walt Disney Television Animation, may leave viewers bug-eyed like the design of its insect stars in a series that is quite a departure for the Disney Channel. The show debuted June 17, 2005, at 8:00 pm and now airs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on the channels weekend block at 5:30 pm.

Headline News One Red Room Opens Doors With 2 Series For Playhouse Disney

Former Microsoft production manager and a producer of top-selling SIM CITY videogame, Matthew Thornton, established on June 1, 2005, the digital animation and production company One Red Room and is already producing two series for Disney.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 31, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, an African animator working in India asks for advice on how he should go about returning to his native country to set up a studio there. In the blogging-verse, some are upset with Jib Jab's recent "sell-out" to Budweiser. What do you think? Another member asks how does one get into the direct-to-video market? Members are talking to a new alternative to Flash. A member wants to know what to wear to a job interview. Others are talking about LITTLE BIRDY, MADAGASCAR and REVENGE OF THE SITH. Additionally, more members are posting their work for others to check out.

Headline News Cookie Jar Education Acquires Kingsley & Fiesta Brands

Cookie Jar Education has acquired the Kingsley and Fiesta lines of ESL (English as a second language) and SSL (Spanish as a second language) books and education materials from San Diego, California-based Kingsley Publishing, the publisher responsible for the development of the properties.

Headline News Download the Latest Animation World Magazine Acrobat!

The latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine has gone live! This issue tackles Internet and wireless. Greg Singer speaks with speaks with several studios and indie artists to learn how they make Flash animation look so good. Rick DeMott talks with Gregg and Evan Spiridellis of JibJab Media and John Evershed of Mondo Media about how two firms vastly different during the dotcom bubble of 2000 have survived and now thrive on the Net. Karen Raugust chronicles how wireless is creating a quiet animation boom.

Headline News Scott Tolmie Joins Ex’pression College for Digital Arts

Expression College for Digital Arts has appointment Scott Tolmie as director of Industry Relations/Career Development Visual.

Before joining Expression, Tolmie was animation art director at LeapFrog, where he led the creative development of new characters for the LEAPSTER educational gaming platform. He was also exec producer with Way Out West Animation, where he developed Flash animation and interface design for medical clients, including Heartbeat Digital.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 16, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a would-be animation student wants to know what the best 3D schools are. Another member wants to know where they can get Flash character animation training. The question how do I make a song continue to next scene has been presented. Theres a thread that wants to know what other members think is the best Pixar film. A junior member wants to find some great tutorial sites. Lots of members continue to post there work for other to check out.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 9, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a new member asks questions about quality issues regarding the transfer of Flash animation to video. More second Flash question comes in the form of a member wondering why his animation looks like trash. Another post asks: whats the difference between cartooning and animation? Theres a thread asking users of XSI for help. Another blogger wants to know how you can teach yourself 2D. In addition, theres a question about where are the best places on the Web to view animation.

Headline News Don’t Miss Out on AWN’s Annecy & Licensing Flash Newsletters!

Continuing our special event specific Flash Newsletters, AWN has added a new mailing for Annecy International Animation Festival and will continue with its coverage of Licensing. These two important events are fast approaching and our editorial and advertising staff is gearing up for the Flash Newsletter series. Please send releases to Here are the dates for the publications.

Annecy 2005May 24, 2005

Licensing 2005:June 7, 2005June 14, 2005

Headline News fmx/05 Breaks Records & Doles Out Awards

fmx/05, the 10th International Conference On Animation, Effects, Realtime and Content, saw a record breaking attendance of 3,500 people as it handed its top award to Blur Studios Oscar nominated short film GOPHER BROKE. Compared to 2004, this makes for a plus of about 50% or 1,200 visitors an increase that is mainly due to the excellent response of the industry. The event ran from April 27 to April 30 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Headline News Story Telling Through Animation Arrives in Book Stores

Charles River Media announces new book, STORY TELLING THROUGH ANIMATION. This book provides an in-depth guide to the process of conceiving, planning and producing an animated or live-action media production. It covers specific information for many forms of visuals, including traditional cel, stop motion, Flash or CG with a focus on the most critical aspect of any production the story.

Headline News Pileated Pictures Prides Itself on Animating for PBS’ Between the Lions

Pileated Pictures has completed 16 animated shorts that will open and close for the hit PBS show, BETWEEN THE LIONS, as well as a music video, which will air on several episodes.

The shorts are 30-second mini-rap songs, presenting vocabulary words highlighted within a particular episode. The shows cast of lions raps the lyrics, while Pileateds animation appears in thought bubbles above the big cats heads.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 2, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a member wants to know why more and more Flash animation is being released in mov and mpg format. More tips on animating trees and rustling leaves have some in. A new member wants to know how other members broke into the animation biz. Another blogger is having a problem image plane in Maya 6.0 and needs help. More answers to the question of Indian 2D prices come in. And as always more members are looking for school and course advice.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for April 25, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a couple members need tips on animating rustling trees and leaves and 2D fog. Another member presents the question whats the future of Flash. Theres a thread asking for Indian 2D prices. Additionally, a blogger has questions about using music in animation. Others have questions about sound and Foley. As well as, tools for teaching animation, the business of animation and, as always, brand new stuff to check out in show and tell!

Headline News DreamWorks Animation Strikes AMD Alliance

AMD and DreamWorks Animation SKG Announce Strategic Alliance

AMD will provide the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture for DreamWorks Animation's next-generation enterprise servers, workstations, render farm nodes, enterprise desktops and enterprise laptops. The new agreement also includes marketing opportunities for AMD to utilize characters from DreamWorks Animation motion pictures, as well as work with DreamWorks Animation to promote upcoming film and home video releases.

Headline News WIA International Announces Flash Panel Speakers

WIA International will be hosting a book signing and panel discussion regarding the evolution of Flash on April 19, 2005 at Cartoon Network Studios. This will also be members last chance to cast their vote for the board of directors and by-laws amendments.

The book signing will include Martha Sigall, Jean Wright and Clifford Parrot, signing their latest books. Additionally, ChromaColour is providing new "ChromaColour Pallets for Macromedia Flash" software as a door prize. Other door prizes include tickets to HYPEFEST Film Festival, WIA T-shirts and more.

Headline News Bitfilm Festival Calls for Entries

Bitfilm Festival 2005Hamburg, GermanyNovember 2-6 2005Deadline: July 15, 2005

The Bitfilm Festival for digital film and new media shows films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way. There are six categories:

* 3D Space: Computer generated 3D animations.* FX Mix: Digitally composed hybrids, mixing live action, effects and animation.* 64K Demos: Audiovisual programs that work with a PC's processor and videocard.* Flash: Linear films and interactive works made with Macromedia Flash.

Headline News Don’t Miss Out on AWN’s E3 & Annecy Flash Newsletters!

Continuing our special event specific Flash Newsletters, AWN will return again to coverage of E3 and add a new mailing for Annecy International Animation Festival. These two important events are fast approaching and our editorial and advertising staff is gearing up for the Flash Newsletter series. Please send releases to Here are the dates for the publications.

E3 2005May 10, 2005

Annecy 2005May 24, 2005

Headline News Tarari Joins Boxx’s ‘Ultimate Swag Bag’ Promotion

BOXX Technologies Inc., has added Tarari The Acceleration Co. to the growing list of partners in the Ultimate Swag Bag promotion, celebrating NAB 2005 by giving back to the digital content and video community with the ultimate swag for digital creativity. As a top sponsor, Tarari will contribute a Tarari Encoder Accelerator for Windows Media valued at more than $13,000.

Headline News Book Signings & Flash Animation Panel at Annual WIA Meeting

Women In Animation International will elect its new board of directors and treat members to a panel discussion about The Evolution of Flash, April 19 from 6:30-9:00 pm at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California. Panelists include those who make FLASH work on the Internet and in television animation, along with helping you to build your own home studio, lead by Heather Kenyon, Cartoon Network senior director of development/original animation.