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Ready Hankies for ka-chew! Animation on NBC Soap Opera

Well, theres nothing really to cry about concerning the Flash animation ka-chew! director Sean Nadeau and team has created for several short scenes to air in NBCs hit daytime soap, PASSIONS on Nov. 11, 14 and 15, 2005. Maybe tears of joy that animation is breaking into a new adult genre of TV programming that certainly is not for kids. The daytime drama depicts scenes where the central characters have magically found themselves in a fairytale and are transformed magically into animation.

The story starts on Friday, Nov. 11, as Endora (Nicole Cox) puts her own magic to work when she casts a spell bringing Kay (Heidi Mueller) and Fox (Justin Hartley) into her favorite fairytale. Also featured in the romantic fantasy are Sam (James Hyde) as the wise King, Ivy (Kim Johnston Ulrich) as the Queen/Evil Dragon, Father Lonigan (Bruce French), Tabitha (Juliet Mills) and Endora herself. The actors recorded the dialogue and the animation was done last month at the ka-chew! offices in Hollywood.

Lisa de Cazotte is exec producer and Richard R. Schilling is the supervising producer for PASSIONS. The ka-chew! creative team, in addition to director Nadeau, includes John Andrews as creative director, Sam Schoemann was exec producer, Chris Hutchison produced, Glenn Storm was assistant Flash animator and Jesse Morrow did the online smoke editing.

ka-chew! ( is a live-action, design, 2D and CG commercial production company. Headed by Richard Marlis, ka-chew! has produced award-winning projects for major networks and agencies, including on-air promotions for ABC, A&E, Discovery and Paramount Domestic Television; on-air design for ESPN, FOX, E! Ent., MTV and Nicktoons; as well as commercials spots for Kodak, Kraft, Mattel, Lands End and Earthlink.