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Cartoon Network Adopts The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS! animated series as found a home on all Cartoon Network feeds in Asia and Europe. Cartoon Network US and Latin America have also purchased the original shorts through Bejuba! Ent. and co-production partners Pesky and Studio B Prods.

Based on the webisodes of the same name, AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS! is a 26x30 series (78x7) 2D/Flash animated series aimed at kids 6-12. The series follows the antics of three daredevil brothers who live for action and excitement. Leaving behind their little-known homeland of Rendoosia, where danger is a way of life, the Adrenalinis are on a mission to amaze people with their mind-boggling feats; which are spectacular, but never turn out quite as expected.

The series launched on ITV in the U.K. on Jan. 7, 2006, and is set to launch on YTV in Canada this spring.

The response weve had from kids since its been on air has been phenomenal, adds Peskys David Hodgson, series producer. They all think its a scream, which of course it is, quite literally a very loud eeeeeeeeee! that shouts fun in any language, including Rendoosian!

The slapstick humor of these bizarre and funny characters in weird and wonderful situations make the ADRENALINIS a great addition to our lineup," says Finn Arnesen, svp original animation and development EMEA and Turner Broadcasting Systems International Development.

Were thrilled that Cartoon Network will be touring the ADRENALINI BROTHERS in four continents, said Tatiana Kober of Bejuba! Ent. A worldwide Cartoon Network sweep is so very exciting. The enthusiasm they have shown for the series makes us feel confident for the future of the series. As episodes start rolling out now, were looking forward to launching the series globally.

These characters are hilarious, says Blair Peters, Partner at Studio B. Were thrilled that the show is being well received on a global level. The series will translate well into other formats outside of TV such as mobile and of course the web. This is a great franchise.

Bejuba! Ent. is an executive production company/distributor working with producers to bring quality childrens and family productions to the marketplace. Founded in 2003 by Kober, Bejuba! focuses on bringing production partners together, and on closing gap financing. Bejuba! is growing its catalog, and already distributes for German broadcaster ZDFE and Tandem Films.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.s (TBS) Cartoon Network is available in 21 languages around the world, across 25 separate feeds and is distributed in 160 countries across the globe. Cartoon Network is available in more than 193 million homes worldwide. The network draws from the worlds largest cartoon library of Warner Bros., MGM and Hanna-Barbera titles.

Founded eight years ago by Hodgson and Claire Underwood (co-director of the series along with Dan Chambers), Pesky has gained a reputation for developing very modern, funny and slickly designed licensable characters and animation. Major partners on these cross-media properties at different stages of development or production include HIT Ent. and Kickback Media. The original AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS! shorts, a Pesky collaboration with in-demand writing team, The POX, have aired in more than 50 countries and won popular audience awards at festivals in Brazil (Animamundi) and France (Annecy), as well as an unprecedented number of nominations at the British Animation Awards. Please visit and for more Pesky information and online entertainment.

Studio B ( is an award-winning animation studio in Vancouver that has produced original series such as BEING IAN, YVON OF THE YUKON, WHAT ABOUT MIMI? and D'MYNA LEAGUES, which currently air in more than 90 countries around the world. Studio Bs international co-productions include SOMETHING ELSE and YAKKITY YAK, which airs on Nicktoons US and TELETOON. In addition to a full slate of service work, the studio is producing 26x22 new episodes of BEING IAN for YTV and 26x22 episodes of CLASS OF THE TITANS for TELETOON, both distributed by Nelvana Ltd.