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Saucer Attack! Open In New York

Saucer Attack! (SA!), a new design and visual effects company, recently landed in New York City, captained by award-winning owner/creative director, Steve Marino.

A 20-year veteran at various effects houses in New York (RGA, Click 3X, and Voodoo), he finally decided to branch out on his own. It was the right time for me to open a shop of my own offering a broad range of services with a depth of experience in a funky NY boutique setting," said Marino. "I wanted to assemble a team comprised of all the people that I have enjoyed working with throughout my years in the industry.

His crew includes Brian Benson, senior flame artist/vfx supervisor, formerly at Post Works; Nelson Rowe, designer/vfx supervisor, who had been recently freelancing at various effects houses, and Gavin Guerra, CGI artist. Also onboard is traditional cel and Flash animator Dave Concepcion, who brings with him 20 years of experience working on projects such as Michael Moores documentary Bowling for Columbine.

Additionally SA! offers motion capture services, through a remote wireless system that works completely un-tethered in any location. Offering a complete list of services from Flame to cel animation and everything in-between makes Saucer Attack! one of the few effect houses in the city able to accommodate any clients needs, Marino said.

Wendy Brovetto, former exec producer at Fish Media and agency producer, was recruited as exec producer. To have a boutique that can handle everything from design, effects supervision, CG, and compositing with the breadth of talent that Steve has assembled makes us a great resource for agencies who are looking for the big company talent pool with the small company attention to detail, Brovetto claims.

In addition to design and visual effects, the company offers sound design and mix under the name of Saucer Sound!. Hans ten Broeke, the owner/sound designer and mixer at Red Cottage Prods, heads it. Some of his recent credits include sound design and mix on the Sundance award-winning documentary, SUPER SIZE ME, directed by Morgan Spurlock; the recently aired AMC documentary, HOLLYWOOD VIETNAM, directed by Robert Stone; and Leah Meyerhoffs 2005 Slamdance award-winning short, TWITCH. ten Broeke has put together an organic sound effects library culled over the past 20 years, to offer unique sound design. I believe in the use of organic sound effects when possible," he said. "I have heard the same hawk and wind sound so many times, I can name the disc it came off of." Saucer Sound! comes with his extensive sound effects library along with a fully equipped Pro Tools system, to offer a fully equipped audio studio.

Saucer Attack! is located at 104 East 25th Street. Its website,, is still under construction. For more information contact Brovetto at (646) 502-1225 or email: