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Animation Headline News

Pileated Pictures Prides Itself on Animating for PBS’ Between the Lions

Pileated Pictures has completed 16 animated shorts that will open and close for the hit PBS show, BETWEEN THE LIONS, as well as a music video, which will air on several episodes.

The shorts are 30-second mini-rap songs, presenting vocabulary words highlighted within a particular episode. The shows cast of lions raps the lyrics, while Pileateds animation appears in thought bubbles above the big cats heads.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 2, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a member wants to know why more and more Flash animation is being released in mov and mpg format. More tips on animating trees and rustling leaves have some in. A new member wants to know how other members broke into the animation biz. Another blogger is having a problem image plane in Maya 6.0 and needs help. More answers to the question of Indian 2D prices come in. And as always more members are looking for school and course advice.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for April 25, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, a couple members need tips on animating rustling trees and leaves and 2D fog. Another member presents the question whats the future of Flash. Theres a thread asking for Indian 2D prices. Additionally, a blogger has questions about using music in animation. Others have questions about sound and Foley. As well as, tools for teaching animation, the business of animation and, as always, brand new stuff to check out in show and tell!

Headline News

WIA International Announces Flash Panel Speakers

WIA International will be hosting a book signing and panel discussion regarding the evolution of Flash on April 19, 2005 at Cartoon Network Studios. This will also be members last chance to cast their vote for the board of directors and by-laws amendments.

The book signing will include Martha Sigall, Jean Wright and Clifford Parrot, signing their latest books. Additionally, ChromaColour is providing new "ChromaColour Pallets for Macromedia Flash" software as a door prize. Other door prizes include tickets to HYPEFEST Film Festival, WIA T-shirts and more.

Dreamworks Headline News

DreamWorks Animation Strikes AMD Alliance

AMD and DreamWorks Animation SKG Announce Strategic Alliance

AMD will provide the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture for DreamWorks Animation's next-generation enterprise servers, workstations, render farm nodes, enterprise desktops and enterprise laptops. The new agreement also includes marketing opportunities for AMD to utilize characters from DreamWorks Animation motion pictures, as well as work with DreamWorks Animation to promote upcoming film and home video releases.

Films Headline News

Bitfilm Festival Calls for Entries

Bitfilm Festival 2005Hamburg, GermanyNovember 2-6 2005Deadline: July 15, 2005

The Bitfilm Festival for digital film and new media shows films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way. There are six categories:

* 3D Space: Computer generated 3D animations.* FX Mix: Digitally composed hybrids, mixing live action, effects and animation.* 64K Demos: Audiovisual programs that work with a PC's processor and videocard.* Flash: Linear films and interactive works made with Macromedia Flash.

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Don’t Miss Out on AWN’s E3 & Annecy Flash Newsletters!

Continuing our special event specific Flash Newsletters, AWN will return again to coverage of E3 and add a new mailing for Annecy International Animation Festival. These two important events are fast approaching and our editorial and advertising staff is gearing up for the Flash Newsletter series. Please send releases to Here are the dates for the publications.

E3 2005May 10, 2005

Annecy 2005May 24, 2005

Headline News

Tarari Joins Boxx’s ‘Ultimate Swag Bag’ Promotion

BOXX Technologies Inc., has added Tarari The Acceleration Co. to the growing list of partners in the Ultimate Swag Bag promotion, celebrating NAB 2005 by giving back to the digital content and video community with the ultimate swag for digital creativity. As a top sponsor, Tarari will contribute a Tarari Encoder Accelerator for Windows Media valued at more than $13,000.

Animation Headline News

Book Signings & Flash Animation Panel at Annual WIA Meeting

Women In Animation International will elect its new board of directors and treat members to a panel discussion about The Evolution of Flash, April 19 from 6:30-9:00 pm at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California. Panelists include those who make FLASH work on the Internet and in television animation, along with helping you to build your own home studio, lead by Heather Kenyon, Cartoon Network senior director of development/original animation.

Festival Headline News

Send Your Flicks to Seoul Cartoon & Animation Fest

Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival - SICAF 2005Seoul, South KoreaAugust 11-16, 2005Deadline: April 30, 2005

Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), the most popular festival in Asia, celebrates the art of cartoons, animation and derivative multi-contents. The event consists of three parts the convention and exhibition, business market and animated film festival.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for March 15, 2005

This week in AWN's Forums, moderator Larry L post some develops that might be a sign of 2Ds rebirth. Post your thoughts. A couple members need some help with animating in Flash. Another member has questions regarding contracts. A 3D student wants to know if animators are good illustrators. A junior member from Brazil wants to know how important life drawing is for animators. Other are posting galleries of their work for members to check out.

Studio Headline News

Hockey star Trevor Linden Scores on Being Ian

While the U.S. isnt seeing much hockey action these days, those Canadians stay animated about the sport as hockey star Trevor Linden is featured in Studio Bs animated series, BEING IAN, airing at 6:30 pm on March 15, 2005, in the episode 'Hockey Night In Burnaby, on YTV.

Headline News

WB Adds Liquid Generation to Lineup

The WB has greenlit a pilot for an animated sketch-comedy show based on, reports VARIETY. The Website features irreverent Flash animation that parodies pop culture. founder/CEO Bruce Freud will exec produce with Brad Saranecki, Kim Klechner and Jerry Offsay. Freud was formerly the programming chief at Showtime.

Boom Headline News

Toon Boom Studio v2.5 in Francais

Toon Boom Animation has released Toon Boom Studio v2.5 for Windows and Mac in French. The company, based in Montreal, a bilingual territory in Canada, said it was only natural to add the French capability to Toon Boom Studio's advanced feature set.

Toon Boom Studio integrates many outstanding features including:* 3D Sceneplanning to Layout your Animation* Dynamic Multiplane Camera Moves and Effects* Drawing Mode to Draw and Organize Your Assets* Optimized Library for Reuse of Templates* Automated Lip Sync Mapping

Film Headline News

fmx/05 Celebrates 10th Anniversary

fmx, a key event in animation, visual effects, games and other 3D content, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year (April 27-30 in Stuttgart, Germany) by continuing to offer a holistic, cinematic and integrated approach to the booming CGI industry. You can see the changes in CGI reflected in the new design for the fmx/05 logo and trailer, based on the clip, Timeless, by Filmakademie graduate student Linus Ewers.

Studio Headline News

Philippine Studio Marks Passage to New Home

pasi, Philippine animation studio inc., will be moving its production studio facilities on March 1, 2005, to a new home after 15 years at its current Makati, Manila location. The new facilities located in the upscale Legaspi Village, business district of Metro Makati, encompasses six floors with 3,709 square meters of production and office floor space. The building offers an upgraded technical infrastructure and floor to ceiling windows to give artists ample natural light.

Animation Headline News

Gang of Seven Does Short Animation for Son of the Mask

Gang of Seven (G7) Animation recently completed work on a number of animated sequences for the upcoming New Line feature film, SON OF THE MASK, the sequel to the hit film, THE MASK and stars Jamie Kennedy as animator Tim Avery. The feature is set for release Feb. 18, 2005.

Animation Headline News

AWN's Special Event-Specific Animation Flash Newsletters

By Dan Sarto | Monday, January 31, 2005 at 12:00am

AWN always maintains an aggressive slate of special Animation Flash event-based newsletters. Sent to to more than 40,000 subscribers, these full-color Adobe Acrobat publications are the perfect way for advertisers to reach the heart of the professional animation, visual effects and gaming communities. Download your copies (high resolution versions - low resolution available upon request) of past issues and check for upcoming publication dates below:

MIPCOM 2008 Animation Flash:

Kids Headline News

BrainPop's TSUNAMI Movie Helps Kids Understand Global Events

BrainPOP's has created a new TSUNAMI movie to give kids the information they need to make connections and gain understanding of the devastation caused by natural disasters. The film is available for free distribution to every media company and Website.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Dec. 20, 2004

This week in AWN's Forums, the big question is where is 2D headed? A member wants some advice on authoring DVDs. A senior member wants to know why Santa doesnt have a pet. Another member wants peoples opinions on what masterclasses to take. A junior member wants advice on starting an independent animation studio. Additionally, theres a thread regarding the possibilities of broadcast quality Flash animation. Other thread ask software and school questions.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Dec. 13, 2004

This week in AWN's Forums, a senior member shares a picture of his new baby girl. A junior member wants advice of timing rates in Flash. More members give their answers to the question -- what is it that you want that no one can give you this Christmas? Another thread collects the odd jobs that people do until they land their next animation gig. Another member asks about animation education in India. Others are posting their work, asking technical advice and software questions.

Film Headline News

Nominate Your Fav Flash Films for the Flash Film Fest

13th Flashforward and the Flash Film FestivalSan Francisco, California, USAApril 6-8, 2005Deadline: January 10, 2005

Flashforward and the Flash Film Festival are the world's first and largest gathering of Flash users. The event has more than 70 confirmed speakers, which include digital and design visionaries Matthew Carter, legendary type designer; Stefan Sagmeister, renown graphic designer; Laurence Lessig, digital rights attorney; and Ze Frank, Website humorist and developer.

Animation Headline News

AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Dec. 6, 2004

This week in AWN's Forums, a senior member is asking others for their opinions of living in Chicago. A new member is looking to find out what the going rates are for character design. Another poster proposes the question: what is it that you want that no one can give you for Christmas? A senior member declares that communism works. Give your thoughts on the matter. Another thread asks for word on the new version of Flash. Another post provides a link to a hilarious new Webtoon from Camp Chaos, titled ANIME POPEYE.