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Digital Kinetics Deploys Vicon’s Valkyrie and Shōgun

Croatia-based studio creates cutting-edge motion capture stage to deliver mocap and virtual production services to local and international entertainment industries.

Croatia-based motion-capture studio Digital Kinetics has announced their new deployment of Vicon’s Valkyrie cameras in combination with Vicon’s Shōgun software platform. Delivered with Italian-based motion-capture company and Vicon distributor GPEM, using the cameras and software platform, the stage enables delivery of cutting-edge motion-capture and virtual production services to both the local and international entertainment industries.

Digital Kinetics mocap producer Veselin Krstovski commented, “As a new but rapidly growing studio, having the latest technology is vital to us. It allows us to address more complex projects, opening lots of new opportunities for our business. I don’t think there is anything that we can’t do with the Vicon system – it tracks our actors in incredible detail, produces exceptionally clean data, and the support from Vicon is second to none.”

The Digital Kinetics motion-capture stage boasts 300 square meters of studio space equipped with 24 Vicon Valkyrie 26MP cameras offering high-quality capturing results for its clients across the game and film industries.

Watch Digital Kinetics Studio setting up Vicon Valkyrie cameras:

Launched in 2022, the VK26 is the flagship model of the Valkyrie range, offering 26MP resolution across the field of view - designed for demanding applications for AAA films and games, including full body and high-resolution finger performance capture, virtual production, and in-camera VFX (ICVFX).

Vicon Sales Director Andy Ray added, “Built on nearly four decades of Vicon expertise, the capabilities, and the robustness of the combined Valkyrie and Shōgun system, are designed to help studios of any size optimize capture and processing for maximum quality results. It is fantastic to see an up-and-coming studio like Digital Kinetics go live with their new Valkyrie-enabled system. 

He continued, “With Valkyrie and Shōgun, Digital Kinetics is offering truly state-of-the-art services from day one. Demonstrating the advantages of innovative technology like Valkyrie, Digital Kinetics have already reported lightning-quick production times – which is enabling them to rapidly meet their client demands.”

Additional information is available here.   

Source: Vicon

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.