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Marvel Reveals Multiple Film Delays as Productions Resume

The strike is over and things are happening fast... the studio’s entire slate has been affected, leaving ‘Deadpool 3’ as its only studio release in 2024; ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ and ‘Thunderbolts’ will now premiere in 2025.

The post-strike studio scramble has begun! Marvel Studios has revealed an updated upcoming film slate full of delays, leaving Deadpool 3 as the only studio release in 2024, according to Variety. The R-rated threequel starring darling duo Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman was pushed from May 3, 2024, to July 26, 2024.

Three other Marvel films will now premiere in 2025. Captain America: Brave New World has been pushed to February 14, 2025, while Thunderbolts has moved from December 20, 2024, to July 25, 2025. Mahershala Ali’s Blade reboot will still debut in 2025, but has shifted from February 15, 2025, to November 7, 2025.

That’s a whole lot of VFX work at play.

Brave New World had already completed principal shoots before the strike, but additional shoots are expected. Deadpool 3 filming was halted mid-production, while both Thunderbolts and Blade were halted before production could begin.

Parent company Disney has also pushed Mufasa: The Lion King, its prequel to the hit CGI remake of The Lion King, from July 5, 2024, to December 20, 2024. It is expected that the Mouse House will fill some of the gaping slate holes left by Marvel with Disney features, although the projects have not yet been announced.

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