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Andreas Wanda Launches Cloud-Based Atmos Studios

The VFX veteran opens the new, fully remote studio, offering customized post solutions for broadcast film, television, and online content.

Australian-based VFX industry and post-production specialist Andreas Wanda has launched Atmos, a new cloud-based VFX and animation studio that provides fully remote-based post-production solutions services for broadcast film, television, and online content. Already, the studio has executed several high-profile campaigns, including MLA’s “Generation Gap,” Toyota’s “Barry Believes,” and The Iconic’s “Got You Looking.”

The studio complements its artist lineup with specialists needed to meet unique project requirements. The cloud-based company provides artists with the flexibility to manage their schedules and work from anywhere.

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that most businesses could continue working without hindrance despite staff being based remotely,” said Wanda. “Atmos is secured with data mirrored between its in-house and cloud-based servers, and our in-house render farm can scale out by harnessing the power of cloud compute power to handle even the most complex jobs. We also use powerful online tools for our review processes, which is great for marking up and adding feedback notes for amendments.”

“We work closely with producers, directors, and creatives to find the most cost-effective and visually striking approach to any given project,” he continued. “Ideally, we’d like to see the industry become more flexible and nimble, utilizing the myriad of cloud-based solutions available.”

Wanda has worked for Australian companies such as Alt VFX, Fin Design, Fuel, and Animal Logic. He has architected several pipelines and studios, including his most recent cloud-based studio design for the feature film My Freaky Family.

To build more flexible cloud-based collaborations, Atmos released Atmos Studios Launcher (available here), free foundational software that allows any studio or artist the flexibility to work remotely. It lets remote artists and studios integrate their cloud-synced projects and pipeline tools.

“Traditionally, this is problematic since the individual environments are unique, especially when it comes to storage paths,” added Wanda. “However, Launcher overcomes this obstacle and is very customizable and designed to be used on a per project level, keeping tools and shortcuts unique to each project.”

Source: Atmos Studios

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.