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Former FuseFX CTO and Co-Founder Jason Fotter Launches Bind Studio

Running on AWS, the studio’s cloud-based platform services promise to streamline setup and configuration for VFX production with flexibility to scale up and down based on production needs.

Former FuseFX CTO and co-founder Jason Fotter announced the launch of Bind Studio, a cloud platform service running on Amazon Cloud Services (AWS), designed to simplify and optimize the visual effects pipeline for productions. The platform blends infrastructure, software, and pipeline tools to create a comprehensive workflow solution that serves as a single setup service to onboard visual effects artists.

Bind Studio’s offerings range from infrastructure setup to industry-standard software, along with the tools needed for artists to start work on shots immediately. Using AWS services such as S3, EC2, EBS, Lambda, Cognito, and NICE DCV, the platform promises flexibility to scale up and down based on production needs. Additionally, it supports HP Anyware for remote access from almost anywhere.

"We take the complexity out of setting up a visual effects pipeline for our customers,” said Fotter. “From ingest to review to delivery, the Bind pipeline enables our customers to focus on the creative work of

The platform is built on industry-standard software, including Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid), Foundry’s Nuke and Hiero, Autodesk RV, and others. It also supports ACES and OpenColorIO for a flexible color workflow.

"The focus is to provide customers with the flexibility to handpick their ideal teams, and we will deliver a complete workflow solution for them," added Fotter. "At Bind Studio, we understand that every project is unique, and our platform is built to adapt accordingly, enabling seamless collaboration with talented VFX artists worldwide. Customers can confidently tackle any project, knowing that Bind Studio will deliver all the tools necessary for them to complete their visual effects shots with the power of a robust visual effects pipeline."

Source: Bind Studio

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