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I Have a Question Takeshi Nagata

In which Chris Robinson asks animators profound and inane questions that have little to do with animation. Today's guest is Takeshi Nagata of the Japanese animation duo, Tochka.

Japanese filmmaker/animation Nagata Takeshi is best known as one half (with Monno Kazue) of the creative duo that makes up, TOCKHA. Together they invented the very nifty animation technique they dubbed “PiKA PiKA”, which uses a combination of long exposure photograph and stop motion animation. Nagata agreed to meet with me in a newly remodelled dungeon on the west coast of Cyprus in the presence of smiling kittens with whips longing for a taste of the catnip sprinkled upon our backs.

I get the greatest pleasure from....

Feeling my presence.

Eating, sleeping, dreaming,

Kissing, hugging, having sex,

Walking, cycling, driving,

Thinking, drawing, making, assembling, showing,

To succeed, to be recognized.

The trait I like least about myself is I like to play online games behind my partner’s back during work and get excited with online friends.

The book I value above all others is

Kindle books. Just kidding. I think that the photo book of Eadweard J. Muybridge will continue to have value forever as the origin of the movie.

A (non-family member) person I have high respect for is....   Chris Robinson. He watches over short films for years and casts many humorous questions to filmmakers and audience from unique viewpoint.

The song that makes me tingle is.... the soundtrack for AKIRA

The funniest thing that happened to me…. I was once knocked out by Pokémon shock. I lost consciousness for 40 minutes, bit my tongue, and my mouth was full of blood!

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A well-known figure in the world of independent animation, writer, author & curator Chris Robinson is the Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.