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Zagreb 2002: Simply Amazing - Festival Scrapbook

Around the FestivalCaroline Leaf and Joan C. Gratz, whose Dowager's Idyll was in competition. © Zagreb Festival.ASIFA-International president Thomas Renoldner with Mexico's René Castillo, who co-won the audience prize for the stop-motion Hasta Los Huesos/Down To The Bone. © Zagreb Festival.Martine Chartrand, David Ehrlich and Hiroshima's festival director Sayoko Kinoshita. © Zagreb Festival.Back To Zagreb 2002: Simply Amazing The PicnicSinging and music at the picnic was provided by Yuri Norstein, Eduard Nazarov and Mikhail Tumelay, who directed The Ball, a short film in competition. © Zagreb...


Sheila & Dave Take a Walking Tour of Zagreb

Starting at the Hotel Esplanade, David Fain and Sheila M. Sofian start a tour of the city, heading toward the oldest part of Zagreb and the hills to get an overview of the city.Dave takes a break in the shade, with the Hotel Esplanade, King Tomislav Square and King Tomislav's statue in the background. King Tomislav was Croatia's first king. All images © Sheila Sofian/David Fain.The National Croatian Archives.Croatia's National Theater, which was built in 1894/1895 by two Viennese architects.Back To Zagreb 2002: Simply AmazingThe Well of Life with Sheila.The main square, Bana Josipa Jelacica...

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Letter to the Editor about Software Piracy

Dear AWN Editor,

This letter hopes to cast some light on the software piracy issue and its devastating effects on the animation industry. The company I manage, Digital Video, develops and sells through authorised distributors Toonz, a digital ink and paint and camera package that is very popular in the animation industry.

As a matter of fact it happens that Toonz is very popular not only among honest professionals in the animation industry, but also among pirates! Moreover, the problem has a magnitude much bigger than most people might imagine. I'm not referring here to young people...