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MONDO’s New Animated Series ‘The Alien Guide to Earth’ Premieres on VRV

Former Onion writer Chris Karwowski’s 10-episode set of satirical 90-second shorts, co-created with studio behind YouTube series ‘Speedrun,’ will run every Tuesday through August.

Our friends at MONDO are teaching extraterrestrial aliens how to succeed on Earth in their new show, The Alien Guide to Earth, a 10-episode series of 90-second satirical animated shorts, launching exclusively on VRV, the fandom- focused video platform. The show was co-created, written and directed by veteran Onion writer-producer, Chris Karwowski, and co-created and animated by 1A4 Studio, a Russian-based animation studio known for their popular YouTube series, Speedrun.

“Most fictional aliens want to take over the Earth,” Karwowski said. “Our host, Professor Potatoes, teaches alien tourists how to take over the planet economically, or culturally, by manipulating the system. He wants his galactic viewing audience to be part of the privileged 1% without revealing what they are.

The show is a collaboration between Karwowski and 1A4, which was a match made in heaven, according to April Pesa, MONDO producer and vice president of development and distribution. “Chris and 1A4 share a love of visual comedy and sharp, biting satire,” she commented. “1A4 has a unique style and comic timing that is second to none, and while Chris has written for hugely-popular animated shows like WordGirl, Talking Tom and Friends, and Oddbods, the magic that he especially brings, as a former Onion writer, is his incisive social commentary."

Karwowski says the series success comes from its unique POV. “Satire and comedy often come from an outsider’s perspective,” he explained. “And who is more outside than intergalactic aliens? Professor Potatoes sees the big-picture stuff but gets a lot of the details slightly wrong.”

New episodes of The Alien Guide to Earth will appear on VRV every Tuesday through the end of August.

MONDO distributes a wide array of series on VRV, including Cat Agent, Deep Space 69, the French action thriller Last Man, and Gary and His Demons, as well as the global viral hits Dick Figures and Happy Tree Friends. In addition, a library of dozens of individual animated shorts and additional content from MONDO and its acclaimed production studio Six Point Harness are available on VRV.

Source: MONDO