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Kana Hanazawa Releases Animated Music Video for ‘Circle’

The veteran ‘Goodbye, Don Glees!’ and ‘Suzume’ voice actress chose a pixel art style for her newest single, which was produced by pixel artist m7kenji; the music video streams now on her official YouTube account.

Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa (Goodbye, Don Glees!, Suzume) marks her 20th year in the industry with a music video for new single Circle. The lively and colorful video features stunning pixel animation by artist m7kenji, and follows a pixelated Hanazawa riding a horse, roaming a life-sized board game, and more.

Watch the adorable pixel art music video for Circle now:

Circle was written and composed by singer-songwriter Kei Sugawara, with arrangement by tepe (Veill). The YouTube video description cites the melody as the opening theme for the TV Tokyo drama I can't stop being beautiful!?.

Hanazawa recently announced the music video on Twitter, writing, “Have you listened to the new song “Circle”?︎ A really cool song written by Kei Sugawara, with a sense of speed! The pixel animation MV was made by m7kenji. Pixel art me is cute. I'm waiting for everyone's impressions.”

Circle is available now on all major music streaming sites.

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