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Motion Capture Moves East As Poland's Digicinema Chooses Vicon

Press Release from Vicon

26 May 2009, Oxford UK: Vicon, developer of Academy Award-winning motion capture systems, today announced it is providing one of Eastern Europe's leading film studios with a system based on its latest and most powerful cameras. The Vicon motion capture system is being deployed at Digicinema, which is based in Poland and already boasts impressive facilities for the movie and gaming industries.

Digicinema positions itself as a one-stop shop capable of delivering high-end feature film and game projects. The 24 Vicon T160 cameras that will comprise the new motion capture studio will enhance existing Digicinema facilities, including a music scoring studio, sound post production studio, an advanced digital intermediate process and film dubbing theatre, a central machine room and chemical laboratory, as well as sound stages, catering facilities, wardrobes and make-up rooms.

The Vicon T160 has four times the resolution of any other motion capture camera. It boasts a resolution of 16 megapixels, captures 10-bit grayscale using 4704 X 3456 pixels and can capture speeds of up to 2,000 frames per second.

The 24 camera system was installed over two days, and Mikolaj Valencia, visual effects supervisor, was capturing data on the third day. Valencia said: "Digicinema is already well established as a provider of excellent services to the movies and games industry. But we wanted to take things to a whole new level. By adding the Vicon system to our portfolio we have become the only motion capture studio in Eastern Europe and we plan to enable movie makers and games developers to find faster and more cost-effective routes to adding rich 3D graphics to their projects."

Vicon has customers in every continent across the globe, in sectors as diverse as movie making and life sciences. Whether the desired outcome is realistic special effects, or gait analysis for clinical purposes, all require high quality visual science capabilities and reliability.

Doug Reinke, chief executive of Vicon, said: "The T160 camera is capable of capturing 120 frames per second at full frame resolution. This means our customers can now accurately track the finest detail, and the subtlest movements in even the largest volumes. I'm delighted Digicinema has chosen Vicon to add to its already impressive range of services. It is great to see the Vicon brand becoming established in an exciting and vibrant territory such as Eastern Europe."