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‘The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged’ Board Game Coming in June

Based on the immensely popular Emmy Award-winning Netflix original animated series ‘The Dragon Prince,’ and set in the fantasy world of Xadia, the game combines tactical miniatures with fast-paced card battles, and customized decks give every character a unique play style.

Wonderstorm and Brotherwise Games have teamed up to create The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, the first strategic board game based on the popular Netflix original animated series, The Dragon Prince, that premiered globally in September 2018 and was quickly renewed for second and third seasons. The show, which won the 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series, was then renewed by Netflix for four additional seasons, cementing the streaming giant’s commitment to fully realizing the creator’s vision for the seven-season saga. The series is set in the rich and diverse fantasy world of Xadia.

The game’s trailer reveals that The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged features detailed miniatures of eight heroes and villains. Players control their miniatures on six different battle maps, playing cards to unleash attacks and special abilities. Brotherwise Games will offer the game for pre-order on its website in June, ahead of a Fall release at game stores around the world.

“The Dragon Prince is a truly epic series, and as gamers we’ve wanted to play in this world since we saw the first episode,” commented Brotherwise Games CEO Chris O’Neal. “Our goal is to give fans a premium board game that’s a total blast whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a tabletop novice.”

The Battlecharged system combines tactical miniatures with fast-paced card battles, and customized decks mean every character has a unique play style.

“We love how the characters of The Dragon Prince really come through in Battlecharged,” added Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, co-creators of The Dragon Prince. “Rayla darts in and out of combat, Callum strings together spells, and Ezran inspires his team and calls on animal companions. We think players are going to have a great time mastering each character, trying different team-ups, and discovering combos.”

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is designed to grow with future expansions. This first set features eight fan-favorite characters: Rayla, Ezran, Callum, Amaya, Janai, Viren, Claudia, and Soren. The game will be sold for $39.95 suggested retail price. Fans can sign up here to be notified when the pre-orders go live. Wonderstorm and Brotherwise Games will reveal more details about the game on their social media platforms in the coming months.

Joe LeFavi manages Wonderstorm’s tabletop gaming rights for The Dragon Prince and serves as a managing producer on their growing line of tabletop games based on the series.

Source: Wonderstorm