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Blacksmith3D Launches New 3D Painting, Morphing & Modeling Software

Blacksmith3D, an independent 3D graphics design applications company, has launched a new version of its 3D painting, morphing and modeling software: Blacksmith3D-Suite v3.2, allowing easy integration with 3ds Max and featuring Alpha Mask Support.

Offering a large variety of painting and image editing tools, as well as easy to use morphing and bonus modeling tools; this package was designed to streamline 3D texturing and painting workflow and intended for artists to paint textures directly onto the 3D models utilizing smooth continuous brush strokes.

The new Blacksmith3D-Suite v3.2 software package allows you to:

-- Paint across UV seams as if they didn't exist-- Paint textures with Alpha Masks (RGBA)-- Use the Clone Tool for texturing (just like in Photoshop) directly to/from the 3D models-- Auto UV Map objects with a click of a single button (or use existing UV Mapping)-- Use 'touch-up' painting tool with Smudge & Blur, Hue & Saturation, etc.-- Use the Soft Selection Tool to paint and morph models in a smooth, organic way.-- Use smooth continuous brush strokes to paint directly on the model with optional drawing tablet support-- Compatible with most design packages that import/export OBJ files

The software includes a freeware version (including alpha mask support and the 3ds Max plug-in), as well as the full commercial demos (save/export disabled) available to download at

Blacksmith3D-Suite (which includes the 3D painting, morphing and modeling tools) is now available on the Blacksmith3D website for $299.95. Blacksmith3D-Paint ($199.95) or Morph ($99.95) may also be purchased separately, as standalone applications.