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Bill Plympton Launches Kickstarter for ‘Slide’

Indie legend looking to speed up his production on new animated feature about a guitar-playing cowboy who finds himself in a shady Oregon logging town run by a pair of evil twins.

Bill Plympton has launched a Kickstarter to speed up production on his new animated feature Slide. The film, a Western, tells the story of a guitar-playing cowboy who turns up in a corrupt Oregon logging town run by a pair of evil twins, who also run the local saloon and brothel. He romances Delilah, one of the "good-time" gals who yearns to be a singer.

Plympton drew his inspiration for Slide from his life; he grew up in Oregon, plays the slide guitar, and loves country music, especially the songs of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline.

While it may take more than two years for the notoriously prolific and speedy Plympton to complete the film, a successful Kickstarter campaign could bring Plympton’s newest film to viewers in 2021.  More information is available at KICKSTARTSLIDE.COM.

Backers can receive cool rewards such as:

  • A signed DVD of Slide
  •  Your name in the closing credits
  • Private master class in Animation with Plympton
  • Plympton will draw you as a Slide villain and give you a speaking role
  • Two tickets to the New York City premiere of Slide

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?  On December 18, after the Slide campaign is fully funded, you can opt for a gift card (sent to the e-mail or snail mail of you or your recipient) with your reward level to give for the holidays.

Source: Plymptoons