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WHAT A NIGHT THAT WAS!!! An event we will remember for years.

For me it was gratifying to see the students again. When you do a project like this you tend to form bonds with your co-workers. The students were so amazing (probably the 20th time I have written that)!

Those of you in New Jersey can catch the making of PETE'S ODYSSEY on cable and the New Jersey Network (NJN).

Speaking of the premiere - it was the first premiere of one of my films I have attended for the last the films.

When the North/South project, ANIMAGIC, premiered December 7th 1995 in Belfast, I was already working for Disney and that weekend was a big press weekend - prior to the opening of the Disney Institute. So I kind of had to stay. Now, I wish I had gone to see the kids and teachers who participated on the project. Actor Bob Hoskins presented the film...


Another Making of PETE'S ODYSSEY


The premiere of PETE'S ODYSSEY went extremely well last Friday night, October 9th at Bloomsfield College in New Jersey. It has taken me a week to come back to Earth and resume my daily tasks.

This video was presented at the premiere...

Where are my "skinny" pictures?

Again many thanks to the folks at Bloomfield - to the students, the faculty, Lynne Oddo and Vincent Potuto and especially my partner in crime, Charlotte Rinderknecht

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Okay, tonight is the premiere of PETE'S ODYSSEY at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ. - just minutes from the Big Apple!

The festivities begin at 6:00 pm.

Singer/songwriter Michelle Armstrong will perform several songs including the soundtrack from the music video, UNAFRAID TO FIND.

To say that we can't wait to see the film on the big screen is an understatement!

Yesterday, was media day at Bloomfield College, the New Jersey Channel folks descended on the campus to interview the students, educator/filmmakers.

The atmosphere in the halls outside the studios was carnival-like with students,crew and everyone else milling about...

Michelle flew in from Austin, Texas to be interviewed and to perform live for the crew.



Finally, the animated film PETE'S ODYSSEY will premiere on Friday, October 9th at 6:00 pm at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ. The event will take place in Van Fossan Theater, 476 Franklin Street (on the corner of Franklin St. and Fremont St.) on the campus.

will appear live to sing her song UNAFRAID TO FIND which is the basis for this music video.

For more information call 973-748-9000 ext. 507

For maps and directions go to:

I'll be there...Executive Producers, Charlotte and Bill Rinderknecht will be there.



Whew! An amazing event occurred earlier this month.

The student animators at Bloomfield College came through again- big time. They animated, tweened, cleaned-up, scanned and worked their way into animation stardom - well at least in MY mind they did.

Amazing, truly amazing is the word.

And now....PETE'S ODYSSEY is in the can...pretty much ready for it's premiere, Friday night, October 9th at Bloomfield College.

Thanks so much to Lynne Oddo, Chair of the CAT major and to Vinny Potuto, animation professor...they are awesome!


Finally - A "Cafe Day"


Finally, a "cafe day". Actually, today was a "multiple - cafe day"! Due to appointments in town, I spent almost 5 hours in cafes in around Savannah. The first was at the Sentient Bean. a cafe just south of Forsyth Park in the heart of Savannah. Several scenes at the beginning of the film MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF EVIL were shot in the park.

During my time in the "Bean" as it is known by us locals I sampled a peach-ginger scone with the obligatory cup of java. While there, I worked on clean-up and fixes for Pete's Odyssey . I finished 2/3's of a scene when it was time to move.

My next stop was the cafe in Barnes and Noble out by Oglethorpe Mall. Once I established my work space - I jumped right in...forgot all about lunch and kept going for over four hours. I completed the scene I began and them fixed two other longer scenes.


The 3 week Incubator Studio - the most fun intensive expereince!

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Here is a vblog from the summer intensive I taught at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

The students were amazing!

Can't wait until August - when I return to Jersey!

Entirely Animated!!!


Pete's Coming up Big in Bloomfield

For the last 10 years or so I have been wanting to do an "Incubator Studio" - where students work hand in hand with professionals on a real project. Now PETE'S ODYSSEY has afforded me (us) that opportunity.

Now the "Incubator Studio" is more than a concept - it is a reality!

I have been here in Bloomfield, New Jersey for almost two weeks working with the students from the animation program at BLOOMFIELD COLLEGE.

The experience has been very active and fruitful. The almost twenty students involved in the studio have been wonderful! Much to my amazement, they have been involved in every aspect of the production: from animation and inbetweening to clean-up, layouts, color keys and the backgrounds.


The Making of PETE"S ODYSSEY

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Here is the embedded version of the Making of Pete's Odyssey

The animation goes on and on and on...This week I want to have as many keys cranked out as possible so that inbetweening can begin next week.

Many thanks to the folks who are working on production, animation and layouts!

Much, much, much more animated!


The First Installment of the Pete's Odyessey Video Blog


The first installment of our video blog is on the Studio Kinate facebook page.

You can find it here.

We will be doing more updates video and otherwise.

Thanks to my Executive Producer, Charlotte Rinderknecht for making this update "tidy".

At the moment, the "crew" is telecommuting - viua the internet. I am talking to folks all over the place via email, celll phone and even tin cans and string if need be...

Most of my time is spent keying out the animation or working on layout sketches. It's a blast!

more soon...
Even more animated than ever.



This past weekend April 17th and 18th, we attended the first annual WIREGRASS FESTIVAL in Tifton, Georgia.

We arrived Friday night just in time for the special screenings and student work. A bevy of short student films were shown.

The highlight of the night was the James Lipton-like interview/screening  of Ron Ellison and his works.

Saturday's screenings were dominated by the Southern Short Circuit's travelling Film Festival. the films are varied and the quality is really high. My film OUR WORLD was a part of the afetrnoon segment. We really enjoyed the the screenings and talked with the other filmmakers.

We were treated very, very well by the festival - we were given rooms at the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn. The cafe served scrumptious meals at very reasonable prices.


Tonight is the REUNION of the Ballyers

Tonight is the 20th year reunion of the animation program at what one was Senior College Ballyfermot- now called Ballyfermot College of Higher and Further Learning...really, truly.

Actually it is not a reunion as we know it in the States but rather a 20th ANNIVERSARY of the program! I was there for 4 years as Course Coordinator (Chair) and an instructor.

We had a wonderful time with some truly gifted students and faculty.

It was one of the landmarks of my career.

After a while, the program was on EVERY feature studio's "A" list. I googled the IMDB to see what just a small portion of the former students has achieved and came up with 29 pages of credits.


Back in the Saddle

After much thought, I have decided to turn on the "comments" section of this blog. It may take a little while for that to actually happen. I cleaned out some 20,000 spam thingys - they were like slugs sticking to my entries. To that end, I deleted many entries that had the "slugs" attached.
As always, I have been drawing and animating, directing and so on.

It has been and continues to be a VERY busy time - but you know what - I love it that way!
Here are some recent drawings...

Ty B. Bear is still a favorite - his musings have become a bit more expansive...

And I have some watercolors, too.

Since we don't have snow in Savannah (thank goodness!!!) This was the first time I painted considering snow. By the way, the watercolor artwork at the Old Avon Farm Inn was all original. I just walked the halls - studying the watercolors. "Security, get that wandering artist!"


Pete's Odyssey


As I mentioned in my last post 2009 has started with lots of activity. My grandson, AJ has arrived....and I am working on an animated music video.

The name of the video is PETE'S ODYSSEY. It is a video about a robin- her name is Pete. Pete is finding herself and her place in her world. For her, today is different, new, scary, challenging!

It is a wonderful story set against a song by Michelle Armstrong entitled UNAFRAID TO FIND.  Michelle not only wrote the song but performed it,too. You can find it on her APPLES cd available on

The video is a co-production between Studio Kenate and Island Animation, LLC.

At the moment, I am working on the storyboards and ideas for layouts- concept work, etc.


An Animated New Year!

The New Year has started off in high gear!

First, I am a grandfather!

Alexander James Lauria-Judkins arrived in our family last week. He was 8 lbs. 2 oz. and over 19 inches long.

Mom, Dad and baby are doing great! Of course, Alexander, Alex or AJ is the most beautiful baby ever!!!

Good thing I am not biased!

Currently, in my long trek up and down the East Coast - I am working on an animated music video. This is one I am helping to produce, direct and animate. The best thing about waiting for a baby to arrive is that you get to hang out for hours at a time in cafes and do pre-production on the boards, the character design and layouts.
The music video is called Pete's Odyssey!


A CHRISTMAS CAROL, A GHOST STORY by Richard Williams, produced by Chuck Jones

Here is the best for Oscar winning animated film directed by Richard Williams and produced by the legendary Chuck Jones

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Forgot all about this one and then I heard the theme on DirecTV's Hol;iday Pops station...and I had to put this one up.

In 1982, this book was turned into a 26-minute animated movie by Dianne Jackson for the fledgling Channel 4. It was first shown on Channel 4 late on Christmas Eve in 1982 and was an immediate success. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1983. It has been shown every year since and has become a part of British and international Christmas popular culture. (from Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, Diane Jackson passed away way too early during a brilliant career. She also found time to animate the Snowmen dance sequence. She's amazing!



A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story was a children's book by Berkeley Breathed that was published in 1991. It was made into an animated television special that same year.

The animated special, which was directed by Skip Jones and produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblimation animation studio for Universal Studios, featured the voices of Michael Bell as Opus the Penguin, John Byner as Bill the Cat, and Alexaundria Simmons as Ronald-Ann Smith. It also featured the voices of Robin Williams (credited under a pseudonym) and Dustin Hoffman.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]


Now for ZIGGY'S GIFT- 1982 the winner of a primetime Emmy

This little gem starring Tom Wilson's voiceless character was directed by Richard Williams and finished by Eric Goldberg.

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Here are a bevy pf classic Chistmas cartoons from the Disney Studios - ENJOY!!

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