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Larry Lauria

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Award winning director, animator, writer and professor with over 38 years in the animation industry.
director, animator, writer and professor
family, animating, drawing, painting, writing, teaching, reading and taking long walks on the beach

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Larry Lauria
Always Animated

Larry Lauria is an award winning animator, director and instructor. His animation career spans 35 years and includes animation and direction on feature, television, commercial, interactive and internet projects. The projects he has worked on have garnered over 50 awards including Emmys, Addys, Codys and even a few BAFTA awards. Besides being a working animator and artist, Larry is much sought out internationally as an animation, layout and character design instructor. He has worked in Cologne, London, Dublin, Belfast, Windsor, Lacoste, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and many cities across the U.S. Prior to moving to Wilmington Island, Georgia, Larry was head of animation at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. Before Disney he solidified his reputation as being a renowned educator and curriculum expert as the Course Coordinator and an Instructor at the European School of Animation in Dublin, Ireland - one of the top three animation programs in the world. In recent years, Larry has been recognized by WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN TEACHERS, five times. Larry has been a moderator at Animation World Network since 1999. His website, LARRY’S TOON INSTITUTE is recognized around the world as a trusted animation resource. He can be reached at