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Pete's Coming up Big in Bloomfield

For the last 10 years or so I have been wanting to do an "Incubator Studio" - where students work hand in hand with professionals on a real project. Now PETE'S ODYSSEY has afforded me (us) that opportunity.

Now the "Incubator Studio" is more than a concept - it is a reality!

Welcome to the Incubator Studio

I have been here in Bloomfield, New Jersey for almost two weeks working with the students from the animation program at BLOOMFIELD COLLEGE.

Here are all the participants.

The experience has been very active and fruitful. The almost twenty students involved in the studio have been wonderful! Much to my amazement, they have been involved in every aspect of the production: from animation and inbetweening to clean-up, layouts, color keys and the backgrounds.

The students work away on Pete's Odyssey

It has meant long hours for me as I have attempted to keep ahead of their frenetic pace. Most nights I am up to 12:30 or 1:30 am - as I finish the keys or ruff drawings and timings for the next days work.

Because I strongly believe in an instructional element to the studio, I teach one on one or to the group every day. The lessons are short at times and always pertain to the task at hand.

Everyone just works away!

The Bloomfield students are wonderfully prepared by Vinny Potuto, the animation teacher at the college. Vinny has given the students solid fundamentals. He really cares about all the students and they respond in kind.
Lynne Oddo, the Creative Arts and Technology Chair is a bundle of energy and extremely supportive. They have created the perfect atmosphere for the Incubator Studio to thrive!
More week to go...