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THE STORY OF ANIMAGIC, A cross-border North/South of Ireland Film Project

As I came off the stage, an assistant from the Film Council noted that I might not want to use the word “Republic” when speaking of Ireland. “Republic” was a flashpoint because many folks up North saw “Republic” as a claim to the entire island North and South. Some people viewed this as a political tinderbox and a possible killing offense.

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As the smoke clears on South Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida, it is time to look back at the FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL.

Next, I saw several live-action short presentations. There were international and “domestic” offerings – some were themed. The international live-action program was extremely strong. Every film was a much deserved selection.


A couple of months ago I attended a lecture at the Orlando Library by Jim Korkis author of THE VAULT OF WALT

The Topic was THE VAULT OF WALT - a new book that related untold stories about Walt Disney. The books gives insights into the man and the relationships in his life - as well as the projects he endeavored.