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Finally - A "Cafe Day"


Finally, a "cafe day". Actually, today was a "multiple - cafe day"! Due to appointments in town, I spent almost 5 hours in cafes in around Savannah. The first was at the Sentient Bean. a cafe just south of Forsyth Park in the heart of Savannah. Several scenes at the beginning of the film MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF EVIL were shot in the park.

During my time in the "Bean" as it is known by us locals I sampled a peach-ginger scone with the obligatory cup of java. While there, I worked on clean-up and fixes for Pete's Odyssey . I finished 2/3's of a scene when it was time to move.

My next stop was the cafe in Barnes and Noble out by Oglethorpe Mall. Once I established my work space - I jumped right in...forgot all about lunch and kept going for over four hours. I completed the scene I began and them fixed two other longer scenes.

I really enjoy my studio in my house - but I have to say after a few days of no sunlight, I have to get out there and be among them.

PETE is going really well - we have four folks working on the backgrounds (BG's) and they look terrific! They are a very talented bunch!

Here are a couple of samples...

Here's one from Rachel

Here is one by Oscar

The time crunch is on - in about 2 1/2 weeks - we meet up with the group to do the electronic ink and paint.


. It's all coming down to the wire!!!

It is and has been a VERY COOL experience.

more next time...

Always Animated!