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LottoGraphs by William Lott

LottoGraphs is the first real-time animation engine to analyze and display historical lottery data to assist players in their picks.

You may not consider traditional 2D animation and the Lottery a natural combination, but  William Lott does!  Partnering these two unlikely hobbies brought the start-up “LottoGraphs” to fruition - the first real-time animation engine to display Lottery number patterns for players and would be winners!

An alumnus of the original Lotus Notes team, William found himself on the road as a sought-after technology consultant for Fortune 500 companies.  He created custom programs and software to optimize Lotus Notes installations. His entrepreneurial flare was stoked by his years as a road warrior in the early tech industry.

Having a natural affinity for coding, William naturally considered applying this talent and craft to the 70 billion-dollar Lottery industry!  Merging his nightly newswatching with real-time data and 2D animation, he created LottoGraphs.  You can click here to see the site and test drive a free membership:

The real-time engine uses an algorithm to crunch historical lottery numbers and displays trending activity using animated graphs based on real-time patterns of lottery winnings.  From the LottoGraphs Press Release:

Animated Lottery videos available for the Beta Program on the website include the new ‘Keno Live’ for: Massachusetts Keno Game, New York ‘Quick Draw’ Keno Game and other Keno Games in the USA. The numbers for these games are drawn every four (4) minutes. Our programs “now” run updates every 60 seconds.

This Real-Time Database Animation Graphics Engine is also available for PowerBall, Mega Millions, Daily Numbers Games and other popular lottery games in the USA. This animated historical lottery number graphics engine can better inform players and would be winners about which numbers appear more frequently, less frequently, or not at all. Lotto players can approach their daily ritual free from superstition, if they wish, and rely on animated real-time historical data to make their picks more statistically relevant and viable.

You can read more about LottoGraphs and their start up journey and product releases by clicking on the link to their 2015 press release below: or contact them at:
781-558-7277 (link sends e-mail)

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