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Million Headline News

Nemo DVD & VHS Net 8 Million Units Sold

Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced that the FINDING NEMO DVD and VHS set a new first day sales record of eight million units sold, bringing in approximately $130 million, reported VARIETY. This feat beats Columbia TriStar's SPIDER-MANs first day sale record of 7 million units. The ocean adventure brought in $340 million at the box office making it the biggest grossing film of the year so far and estimates have the home entertainment versions of the fishy flick bringing in nearly $400 million in its first week.

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Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights DVD Animates Chanukah

Adam Sandler's first animated foray, EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS, comes to DVD (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $26.95) Nov. 4, 2003, with lots of Sandler bonuses underlying the somewhat autobiographical holiday riff.

Originally written for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Sandler's new version of his beloved and nearly classic Chanukah song, specially written for the movie and coupled with his talent to voice multiple characters, makes for a kosher comedy this season.

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Nemo Poised to Conquer DVD

After breaking the box office record for animation, Disney/Pixar's beloved FINDING NEMO (Walt Disney Home Video, $29.99) sets its sights on a DVD record as well, streeting Nov. 4, 2003. The two-disc set of Pixar's computer-animated phenomenon not only looks and sounds digitally great, as you would expect, but the extras just keep getting better and better, thanks in large part to Bill Kinder, who has produced Pixar's DVDs since A BUG'S LIFE. They are witty, inventive and always informative.

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George of the Jungle 2 Boasts Cutting Edge Animated Credits

Cutting Edge VFX of Australia ( recently completed the animated opening and closing credits for Disney's just-released DVD premiere GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2 (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99).

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A Merrie, Looney DVD Set

Finally, the long-awaited THE LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION (Warner Home Video, $64.92) hits DVD Oct. 28, 2003 with thunderous, anvil-dropping fanfare. 56 classic Warner Bros. shorts, restored and remastered uncut to a bright and shiny Technicolor glory, thanks to the patience and prodding of historian Jerry Beck, who aided in the production of this indispensable four-disc set.

Film Headline News

Millennium Actress Debuts on DVD

Renowned anime director Satoshi Kons critically acclaimed, award-winning second feature, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, makes its highly anticipated debut on DVD on Oct 28, 2003 (DreamWorks Home Entertainment, $19.99). The movie showcases Kons starting visual style and unique storyline by seamlessly blending fantasy and reality, memory and perception, into an epic adventure of fate, destiny and the history of Japanese cinema.

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Hulk Devours on DVD

Ang Lees controversial, angst-ridden adaptation of the popular Marvel comic, HULK, premieres Oct. 28, 2003 on DVD (Universal Home Entertainment, $26.98). The complex, tragic story aside (the scientific sins of the father are truly visited on the son), theres the more intriguing issue of Industrial Light & Magics CG work on the Hulk to reconsider. No matter what your views on the aesthetic choices, the technical advances in character animation make the Hulk a marvel to watch.

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Going Full Throttle on DVD with Charlie's Angels

The highly anticipated DVD release of CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE streets Oct. 21, 2003 in both theatrical and un-rated versions (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $27.94). Directed once again by McG and starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, the sequel capitalizes on more creative stunts, sexy costumes and a pulsating soundtrack.

Home Headline News

A Treasure Trove of Indiana Jones on DVD

With great fanfare, the INDIANA JONES trilogy comes to DVD Oct. 21, 2003 (Paramount Home Entertainment, $49.95) in a handsome four-disc set. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (now bearing the INDIANA JONES AND THEmoniker), INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE have never looked or sounded better at home. They've been digitally cleaned up by Lowry Digital Images and remastered by THX. And the extras on disc 4 are like archaeological treasures.

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Noodlesoup, Johnson Group Put Fresh Spin On Fairy Tales

Noodlesoup Prods, an animation studio moving up the ranks in New York City, and The Johnson Group, a rapidly growing independent production firm in McLean, Virginia, are developing FRESH SPINS, a direct-to-video childrens series featuring a modernized animated version of favorite fables and fairy tales.

Visual Headline News

Get Taken, Spielberg-Style, on DVD

The Emmy Award-winning TAKEN, produced by DreamWorks Television and exec produced by Steven Spielberg, was Sci Fi Channel's highest rated program ever. The 10-part miniseries comes to DVD Oct. 21, 2003 in a lavish five-disc set (DreamWorks Home Entertainment, $89.95). Spanning 50 years of habitual alien abductions among three American families, TAKEN expands on many of the themes Spielberg first introduced in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, obviously with a stronger emphasis on family.

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Reload with Part Two of the Matrix on DVD

Whether you were mesmerized or mystified by THE MATRIX RELOADED, you get another chance to experience the Wachowski brothers second installment on this sharp and lavish DVD, available Oct. 14, 2004 (Warner Home Video, $29.95). As far as value-added features, the 30-minute doc on the impressive 12-minute freeway chase (courtesy of ESC Entertainment and Animal Logic Films) is all we get in terms of any vfx depth.

Game Headline News

Lion King Roars on Special Edition DVD

At long last, Disney's mega hit, THE LION KING, arrives on DVD Oct. 7, 2003 (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99) in a special edition worthy of the phenomenon. For starters, the two-disc set contains gorgeous transfers of both the theatrical release and the extended edition featuring the Elton John/Tim Rice song from the play, "Morning Report," digitally cleaned and enhanced in painstaking fashion by the original filmmakers from Feature Animation.

Animation Headline News

Capra's Toon-Infused Wonders of Life on DVD

Back in the late '50s, Frank Capra's BELL SCIENCE films (a combination of live-action and animation) were a regular favorite on CBS. Two volumes of these WONDERS OF LIFE are available Sept. 30, 2003 on DVD (Image Entertainment, $14.99) featuring animation from Shamus Culhane, the only animator to work on the first four Disney animated features, and other artists from Disney and the UPA Studio. The first volume contains HEMO THE MAGNIFICENT and UNCHAINED GODDESS, and the second contains the Emmy Award winner OUR MR. SUN (best editing, Frank Keller) and STRANGE CASE OF COSMIC RAYS.

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Blue Gender Box Set Offers Chance to Win Cels

On September 30, 2003, FUNimation Prods, Ltd. will release the BLUE GENDER box set and will give fans the opportunity to win five animation cels from the series in a trivia promotion. By answering five trivia questions about the show, fans are entered to win one of five animation cels used in the production. All cels, valued at $250 each, come complete with multiple matching sketches.

Disney Headline News

No Holes in This Disney DVD

HOLES, the family adventure concerning an ancient family curse and kids forced to dig holes to build character, comes to DVD (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99) on Sept. 23, 2003. Starring Stanley Yelnats (Disney Channel's EVEN STEVENS), HOLES is based on the Newberry award-winning book by Louis Sachar.

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It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's…Smallville on DVD

The WB's popular SUPERMAN spinoff series, SMALLVILLE, comes to DVD in THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON set (Warner Home Video, $64.92) on Sept. 23, 2003. The deluxe six-disc package offers the origins of the characters, numerous plotlines and deleted scenes and other bonus features.

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Bionicle Movie Sees Light of Day on DVD

BIONICLE: MASK OF LIGHT, the first computer-animated feature based on the popular LEGO franchise, arrives on DVD Sept. 16, 2003 presented by the LEGO Co., co-producer Create TV and Film, Miramax Films and Buena Vista Home Entertainment ($29.99). The animation was performed by Los Angeles-based Creative Capers Entertainment and Taipei-based studio CGCG. Having already captured millions of 12-year-old boys in the U.S.

Disney Headline News

Disney Treasures War Toons & More on DVD

The WALT DISNEY TREASURES collectible DVD series continues with WAVE 3 on Dec. 2, 2003. The four new, separate, two-disc sets (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $32.99 each) include: WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES (featuring exclusive declassified material from World War II-themed productions); MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR (VOLUME TWO); THE CHRONOLOGICAL DONALD; and WALT DISNEYS TOMORROWLAND. Each volume is fully restored and introduced by historian Leonard Maltin.

Film Headline News

Hulk DVD to Feature Xbox Game

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, September 11, 2003 at 12:00am

Universal Home Video has announced that the October 28, 2003 DVD release of THE HULK will feature the Xbox demo version of THE HULK game. The DVD will contain one playable level.

The film follows the origin of The Hulk when gammarays transform scientist Bruce Banner into the raging green beast. With visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic and directed by Ang Lee (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON), the film stars Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas and Nick Nolte.

Effects Headline News


THE CORE, the high-tech sci-fi thriller starring Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank about a team of geophysicists that travel to the earth's core to save the planet, bores its way to DVD on Sept. 9, 2003 (Paramount Home Entertainment, $29.99). There are plenty of digital vfx disasters to dazzle the eye, courtesy of Frantic Films, CREO, Fantasy II Film Effects and Rising Sun Pictures, and the work was recently highlighted at VES 2003: A Festival of Visual Effects.

Season Headline News

Outer Limits Season 2 Is In Control of DVD

Following the indispensable first DVD set of THE OUTER LIMITS, arguably the best sci-fi anthology series in TV history, MGM Home Entertainment recently released SEASON 2. Cut short because of plummeting ratings in the '64-'65 season opposite THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW on Saturday nights, the 17 episodes on the three-disc set (a bit steep at $69.96) nonetheless offer some series highlights despite creative compromises as a result of network interference on the part of ABC.

Movie Headline News

Sleeping Beauty Delivers on DVD

SLEEPING BEAUTY Disney's ambitious fairy tale spectacle from 1959 - the first animated feature drawn and photographed in Technirama 70mm -- arrives on DVD Sept. 9, 2003 in a lavish two-disc special edition (Walt Disney Home Video, $29.99). The movie looks stunning with the entire digital cleanup, though some preservationists and historians may argue about the accuracy of the colors and precision of the aspect ratio (it should be 2.2:1, not 2.35:1).