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Special Headline News

Warner Announces Iron Giant Special Edition DVD

Warner Home Video (WHV) will release a special edition DVD of THE IRON GIANT on September 7, 2004. The all-new special features include eight "never-before-seen" scenes, including an alternate opening, all with director commentary, 13 mini-documentaries highlighting key sequences and a featurette, "The Voice Of The Giant," hosted Vin Diesel. This version will be available on DVD for $19.97.

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Garfield As Himself on DVD

Three animated primetime specials starring Jim Davis' famously self-centered cat (drolly voiced by Lorenzo Music) appear on the new GARFIELD AS HIMSELF DVD (Fox Home Ent., $14.98) that streets June 29, 2004: HERE COMES GARFIELD (1982, directed by Phil Roman), in which he mounts a rescue of his canine pal, Odie, from the pound; GARFIELD ON THE TOWN (1983, directed by Roman), in which he is movingly reunited with his mom in an alley after escaping a trip to the vet; and GARFIELD GETS A LIFE (1991, directed by John Sparey), in which he provides romantic tips to hapless owner Jon (voiced by Sandy

Series Headline News

'67 Spidey Spins a Web on DVD

SPIDER-MAN 2 opens this week, so here comes the complete DVD set of the first animated Spidey series that ran Saturday mornings on ABC from '67-'70. SPIDER-MAN - THE '67 COLLECTION (Buena Vista Home Ent., $59.99) bows on June 29, 2004, with 52 episodes spread across six discs.

Headline News

Lost Skeleton on DVD

THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA (Columbia TriStar Home Ent., $24.96) is one of the best examples of kitschy B-movie sci-fi in recent memory a reminder of our primitive vfx origins; it streets June 22, 2004, on DVD. Aliens from Mars crash land on Earth and the key to thwarting the invasion lies in reviving a talking skeleton. Larry Blamire's instant cult classic contains the following DVD features:

* Director and cast commentary* Character commentary* Blooper reel* American Cinematheque Q&A featurette

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One Froggy Evening & What's Opera Doc? On Golden Collection 2

Warner Home Video will release THE LOONEY TOONS - GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME 2 in late October or early November, featuring classics ONE FROGGY EVENING, WHAT'S OPERA DOC? and PORKY IN WACKYLAND, reports This four-disk set will contain 60 cartoon shorts ranging from 1936 to 1958. Other highlights will include OLD GLORY, THE DOVER BOYS, LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT, THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY, the Oscar-winning first appearance of Tweety & Sylvester in TWEETY-PIE, FRENCH RAREBIT and HYDE AND HARE.

Effects Headline News

Fired Up For RoboCop DVD Trilogy

The ROBOCOP trilogy has just been reissued on DVD (MGM Home Ent., $39.96), and the real selling point is the availability of Paul Verhoeven's unrated director's cut of the original 1987 movie, with a bit more graphic violence involving the half-man, half-robot protagonist portrayed by Peter Weller. This uncut version had previously been available only on the out of print Criterion Collection edition. But this new MGM disc contains an enhanced anamorphic presentation with finer detail (except for the deleted footage, which is not as clean).

Series Headline News

Teacher's Pet Lands on DVD

The underrated TEACHER'S PET feature, which wildly riffs on PINOCCHIO and other Disney icons, bows on DVD (Disney Home Ent. $29.99) June 15, 2004. Creator Gary Baseman, director Timothy Björklund and writers Bill & Cheri Steinkellner up the ante with Spot/Scott (Nathan Lane) approaching mad scientist Dr. Krank (Kelsey Grammer) in Florida to help him become a permanent human. One can only hope that the series itself will soon find its way to DVD.

The DVD includes:

* Series premiere episode

Dark Headline News

Dark Fury Helps Animate Riddick on DVD

As with last month's VAN HELSING: LONDON ASSIGNMENT, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: DARK FURY (Universal Home Video, $14.98), provides an animated prequel to the accompanying live-action feature. DARK FURY, directed by anime sensation Peter Chung (THE ANIMATRIX and MTV's AEON FLUX), and produced by Universal Home Ent. Prods., streets June 15, 2005.

Headline News

New Toon G.I. Joe & Transformers Coming

Paramount has announced a deal with Hasbro to release a series of animated direct-to-DVD features based on Hasbro toys such as G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS and TONKA, reports VARIETY. This is an extension of Paramount and Hasbro's agreement on the forthcoming animated movie G.I. JOE: VALOR VS. VENOM. That movie and a Tonka flick, TOUGH TRUCK ADVENTURES: THE BIGGEST SHOW ON WHEELS, are scheduled for release in September 2004 with TRANSFORMERS ENERGON and a SECRET CENTRAL picture titled HAVE YOU HEARD? following in October.

Headline News

Central Park Media Sets Anime Release for June 8


Mattel Headline News

Mattel & Miramax Partner on My Scene Direct-to-Video

Mattel and Miramax Home Ent. have announced an exclusive partnership that calls for Mattel to produce its first direct-to-video full-length animated movie featuring the MY SCENE girls. Miramax Home Ent. will distribute the movie. The My Scene movie is in production and will be released in fall 2005, and follows on the heels of the first MY SCENE entertainment experience, "Jammin' in Jamaica," an in-package DVD released earlier this year that also aired on Nickelodeon June 6, 2004.

Game Headline News

Spider-Man in Abundance on DVD

With SPIDER-MAN 2 coming to theaters June 30, 2004, Columbia TriStar Home Ent. is naturally plugging Spidey on DVD as well, reissuing SPIDER-MAN in a three-disc deluxe edition ($24.95) with a few new extras aimed at promoting the sequel, along with a superior quality SPIDER-MAN Superbit disc ($26.96).

While the first two discs in the deluxe edition are the same as the previous SPIDER-MAN collection, disc three includes the following:

Costume design featurette

Mccay Headline News

Masterful McCay Now on DVD

Chuck Jones used to say that the two most important people in animation were Winsor McCay and Walt Disney, so kudos to Milestone for assembling this indispensable collection of pioneering work by McCay (1911-1921) on DVD. WINSOR MCCAY: THE MASTER EDITION (Image, $29.99) streets June 1. Most of this cartoonist's work is present, revealing what a fine draughtsman and storyteller he was when it came to exploring reality and fantasy and the metamorphosis of shapes.

Season Headline News

Second Voyager Season Now on DVD

STAR TREK VOYAGER: THE COMLETE SECOND SEASON (Paramount Home Ent., $129.99) was recently released on DVD, offering 26 episodes on seven discs. More sci-fi and greater psychological emphasis as Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and crew come into their own, struggling to find their way home. VFX courtesy of Eden FX, Digital Muse, Digital Magic Co., Foundation Imaging, CIS Hollywood, Newkirk Special Effects, Pacific Ocean Post Digital Film Group and Santa Barbara Studios.

Sonic Headline News

4Kids Announces Home Entertainment Releases For June 2004

4Kids Entertainment Home Video, in association with FUNimation, will release seven new titles on June 1, 2004. The videos and DVDs include: CABBAGE PATCH KIDS: The Clubhouse (VHS/DVD), TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Volume 10: Secret Origins (VHS/DVD), YU-GI-OH!: Season 2 Volume 5: Mime Control & Volume 6: Double Duel (VHS/DVD), SONIC X: Volume 1: A Super Sonic Hero & Volume 2: The Chaos Factor (VHS/DVD) and ULTRAMAN TIGA: Volume 3: GUTS Headquarters Under Attack (DVD).

Headline News

Shout! Releases Spike & Mike Cutting Edge Classic DVD

The Shout! Factory released on May 25, 2004, SPIKE & MIKE'S CUTTING EDGE CLASSICS: FAVORITES FROM THE CLASSIC FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION, an audacious collection of wildly original animated shorts on DVD from animators around the world. The shorts offer a variety of styles, blending comedy and pathos, challenging the boundaries of both genre and form. The 17 selections feature Adam Elliots BROTHER, a moving yet visually deceptive epitaph, and Patrick Smiths DRINK, a savagely comic take on identity.

Marvel Headline News

Marvel & Lions Gate To Produce Original Animated DVDs

Marvel Enterprises Inc. and Lions Gate Ent. have entered into an agreement to develop, produce and distribute original animated DVD features based on characters from the Marvel catalog. Under the terms of the arrangement, Marvel and Lions Gate plan to start production immediately on eight original animated projects in either 2D or 3D, with the first title expected to be released by Lions Gate in late 2005.

Nick Headline News

Unrated Underworld on DVD

For those who enjoyed the stylish vampire/werewolf cult favorite, UNDERWORLD, it's time to replace your DVD with the new unrated extended version released May 25 (Columbia TriStar Home Ent., $34.95). There's 12 minutes of new footage highlighted by a sexy subplot with vampire Erika (Sophia Myles), backstories on the Lycans and a new battle. But the violence is no more graphic and there's no nudity with Kate Beckinsale.

Lucas Headline News

DVD Director's Cut of Lucas' THX 1138 Announced

Warner Home Video announced the Sept. 14 DVD release of a two-disc collector's edition of THX 1138 ($26.99 and $19.97 for single-disc version), George Lucas' first film from 1971. The director's cut will include not only meticulous digital audio and video restoration (a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Warner Home Video) but also digitally enhanced backgrounds, cityscapes and crowds of people, according to Jim Ward, vp marketing and distribution at Lucasfilm.

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Smallville Flies Again on DVD

SMALLVILLE - THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (Warner Home Video, $59.98) has made it to DVD, with all 23 episodes of the WB series on six discs. The focus shifted in season two to Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) growing and agonizing self-discovery. Episodes such as the two-parter "Heat" and "Red" deal with his past and his disturbing superpowers. Look for Christopher Reeve as a scientist who helps explain his Kryptonian origins in "Rosetta." Vfx provided by Modern Videofilm Inc. and Rainmaker Digital Pictures.

Disney Headline News

Disney Treasures Wave 3 Now on DVD

After an initial delay last December, Disney's popular WALT DISNEY TREASURES DVD series continues with the May 18, 2004, release of WAVE 3, four new, separate limited tin sets offering more uncut, uncensored and never assembled or released wonders (Walt Disney Home Ent., $32.99 each). All the volumes are fully restored and hosted by film historian Leonard Maltin.

Digital Headline News

Passion of the Christ Coming to DVD

Mel Gibson's biblical blockbuster, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, will debut on DVD Aug. 31, 2004 (Fox Home Ent., $29.98) in a bare bones single disc edition, presented at the maximum bit rate. So don't expect any nifty bonus features for at least a year, including how Keith Vanderlaan's Captive Audience handled the numerous digital effects that were supervised by Ted Rae.

As of May 9, THE PASSION has grossed $360M domestically and $222M overseas.

Headline News

Jetsons and Jonny Quest Arrive on DVD

Warner Home Video offers the next two entries in the "Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection" on May 11, 2004: THE JETSONS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON and JONNY QUEST: SEASON ONE. Each four-disc set, featuring more than 11 hours of original TV programming and bonus content, retails for $64.92.