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Milo Returns in New Atlantis DVD

The fearless explorers from ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE are back in a brand new direct-to-video, ATLANTIS: MILO'S RETURN (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, $29.99). Toby Shelton (MICKEY'S ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS) and Victor A. Cook (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN) share directing duties, while several original cast members return, including Cree Summer, John Mahoney, Don Novello and Phil Morris. Working from Mike Mignola's inspiration, the animation team from Walt Disney Television Animation was headed by supervising character designer Greg Guler (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN), lead prop designer Chuck Puntuvatana (X-MEN: EVOLUTION), lead background painter Sy Thomas (HOUSE OF MOUSE) and lead color stylist Tracy Jones (HOUSE OF MOUSE).

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Ardustry Home Entertainment Enters Kids Market

Ardustry Home Entertainment has created a new kids division for the acquisition and marketing of children's DVD and interactive entertainment. The new unit has already signed a deal with Santa Monica, California-based children's entertainment company Bali Hai Titles included in the deal are INVISIBLE DAD, A KID CALLED DANGER, CLUBHOUSE DETECTIVES, DEAR SANTA, MY BROTHER THE PIG, MY MAGIC DOG, JUNGLE BOY, TREASURES OF PIRATES POINT, MY TEACHER ATE MY HOMEWORK, THE ROBIN HOOD GANG and P.U.N.K.S.

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Bug's Life Returns to DVD With Nemo Goodies

After being on moratorium for a while, A BUG'S LIFE COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, $29.99) returned May 27, 2003 with an all-new activity game and FISHY FACTS from FINDING NEMO. In A BUG'S LAND, Heimlich the caterpillar and Francis the Lady Bug each have their own segments. Heimlich finds an enormous melon, but needs help devouring it, while Francis remains in hiding until a few trivia questions can be answered. With FISHY FACTS, learn all about the fish of FINDING NEMO.

Entertainment Headline News

Artisan To Deliver T2 On High-Def DVD-ROM

Artisan Home Entertainment Inc. will issue TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (EXTREME EDITION), that will feature both high-definition and standard resolutions versions of the film for the first time on the same DVD. The two-disc set offers a digitally remastered theatrical version of the film in high-definition video and full surround sound on a single DVD-ROM in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. It offers an image nearly 3.5 times shaper than a standard DVD video and will require more horsepower to view it.

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Chatsworth TV Sells The Ticket For Busy Buses On DVD

Chatsworth Television Distributors has signed a number of video deals for its pre-school animation series BUSY BUSES (39 x 5), which will see its animated characters go multi-lingual.

Video distributor UFG will release the first French version title of the series on video and DVD in fall 2003 in France with more titles to follow. In Korea, two video titles have been released in Korean, as well as an English-language version accompanied by a teaching aid to help children learn English in a fun and effective way. BUSY BUSES airs on EBS, Korea and Kids Station, Japan.

Animation Headline News

Treasure Planet Set For Sale On DVD

Disney's Academy Award-nominated animated feature TREASURE PLANET if now for sale on DVD and home video. This updated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's literary classic TREASURE ISLAND, is a blend of 2D and 3D animation. It features the story of young Jim Hawkins, a troubled youth who teams up with the villainous and comical cyborg cook, John Silver in an outer space treasure hunt. Voice cast stars Joseph-Gordon Levitt (THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN) as Hawkins, Emma Thompson (MAYBE BABY) as Captain Amelia, Brian Murray (three-time Tony Award nominee) as Silver and Martin Short (PRIMETIME GLICK) as Hawkin's crazy robot pall B.E.N.

DVD extras include commentary by directors John Musker and Ron Clements, behind-the-scenes specials and deleted scenes (including an alternate ending). The DVD features a digital transfer picture and Dolby Digital sound, presented in the animator's original aspect ratio and a game featuring a virtual 3D tour of the ship and a treasure hunt. DISNEY'S ANIMATION MAGIC takes viewers behind the scenes with Roy Disney, plus there are still art and character galleries, an animation featurette, a music featurette and a music video. The 95-minute Buena Vista Home Ent. release retails for $29.99 DVD and $24.99 VHS.

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Big-Screen Thornberrys Movie Comes To DVD

Take the animated adventures of a family of wildlife documentary filmmakers out in Africa home by way of Paramount Home Entertainment's release of THE WILD THORNBERRYS MOVIE on DVD and home video. The movie, produced by Klasky Csupo and Nickelodeon Movies, based upon the hit TV series, features the Oscar-nominated song by Paul Simon, "Father and Daughter" as a music video.

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Family Guy Hits DVD

Redefining fractured fun, Seth MacFarlane's impossibly twisted FAMILY GUY series is out in a four-disc collection containing all 28 episodes from the first and second seasons (1999-2000) aired in primetime on FOX. FAMILY GUY VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION from Fox Home video (suggested $49.98), includes commentary by exec. producer/creator MacFarlane and other cast and crew on eight episodes. Enjoy the exploits of the Griffin family, lead by the patriarch, Peter, who always says what's on his mind. His diaper-bound baby Stewie is sadistically bent on destroying the world while the smooth-talking family dog, Brian, calmly puffs on his cigarettes amidst the calamity, contemplating the proper amount of vermouth to go into a martini. Wife Lois and the other two kids, Chris and Meg, complete the dysfunctional family.

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Triple Miyazaki Treats Out on DVD

If you missed Miyazaki's SPIRITED AWAY at movie theaters or the Japanese director's KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE and CASTLE IN THE SKY, Buena Vista Home Ent. has released them as a triple treat on DVD and home video, April 15, 2002. You may buy a two-disc DVD or VHS of the Oscar-winning feature SPIRITED AWAY by Studio Ghibli for a retail price of $29.99 DVD and $19.99 VHS.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Turns 15 With New DVD

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the groundbreaking live-action/animated classic WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? by picking up the deluxe Vista Series 2-disc DVD set and an exclusive VHS bonus edition of the film available from Touchstone Home Ent. for the suggested retail price of $29.99 DVD and $19.99 VHS. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg, the landmark comedy mystery starred

World Headline News

Futurama Is Now… On DVD

Feeling nostalgic for FUTURAMA, Matt Groening's fractured futuristic family that starting airing regularly in primetime on FOX April 6, 1999? Now you can buy the first year of episodes on FUTURAMA VOLUME ONE DVD COLLECTION from Fox Home Entertainment. The collectable three-disc set features lively commentaries from Groening and the rest of the crew, deleted scenes, a featurette, animatics, a script/storyboard and an interactive still gallery for the suggested retail price of $39.98. FUTURAMA chronicles the adventures of Philip J.

Home Headline News

4Kids Releases New YU-GI-OH! Volumes

4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., the newly-established home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc., in association with FUNimation, will release Volumes 7 and 8 of the YU-GI-OH! home videos of the anime sensation on March 18, 2003. DOUBLE TROUBLE DUEL and FACEOFF: YUGI VS. KAIBA, each with three episodes from the hit television series, will be available at retail and at the Website in both DVD and VHS formats. Based on a popular Japanese comic book series, YU-GI-OH!

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There's A New Vid-Kid On The Block For Indies

Independent film producers Jeffrey Sneller (The Adventures of Pinocchio) and Charles Fries have recently formed Santa Barbara Home Video to market and distribute indie films on home video. The independent distribution company is a subsidiary of Santa Barbara Filmed-Entertainment, which is co-producing the feature film Doctor Lopez in the fourth quarter of 2003 in association with Andrew Steven's Powerhouse Entertainment. The first SBHV release is the Sneller/Raju Patel produced The New Adventures of Pinocchio.

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Scooby Hunts Down Under Vampire

Scooby-Doo and his famous gang of mystery-solving sleuths are on the trail of a Australian vampire in SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LEGEND OF THE VAMPIRE released on DVD and home video on Tuesday, March 4, 2003 by Warner Home Video. The direct-to-video 80-minute feature was produced by Warner Bros. Animation. On vacation in Australia, Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang attend a music festival held at Vampire Rock. But the music goes flat when the gang learns that a legendary Australian creature called the Yowie Yahoo is kidnapping the musical acts and turning them into vampires.

Mainframe Headline News

Mainframe and Starlight Runner Put The Spin On Hot Wheels Videos

Toy giant Mattel, Inc. has commissioned Vancouver-based Mainframe Entertainment to produce a series of animated videos based on Hot Wheels storylines and characters created by Starlight Runner Entertainment to promote the 35th anniversary of the toy car products. The CGI toons, HOT WHEELS HIGHWAY 35, will follow five Hot Wheels race teams as they compete across the challenging terrains of parallel universes thwarted by a cadre of villains.

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Spy Kids 2 Ventures Onto DVD

The action/gadget packed SPY KIDS 2: THE ISLAND OF THE LOST DREAMS is now available on a collector's series DVD and VHS from Dimension Home Video. The action follows Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) after they saved their parents and have become full-fledged SPYkid operatives within the secret OSS. They embark on a mission to a mysterious island that has the effect of disabling their precious gadgets. Houses that contributed visual effects to the family movie include Cinesite, Digiscope, Hybride Technologies, Janimation, K.N.B.

Daredevil Headline News

Super Heroes Collide on DVD

Daredevil will battle it out with Spider-Man in the new Buena Vista Home Entertainment release, DAREDEVIL VS. SPIDER-MAN. Discover the origins of Daredevil plus catch the animated action as "The Man Without Fear" teams up with the webslinger to take down their supreme nemesis, the powerful Kingpin. DVD bonus features include "Stan Lee's Soapbox" with legendary comics creator Stan Lee, the 1966 episode "King Pinned," and a FANTASTIC FOUR bonus episode featuring Daredevil. Available now for $19.99 (DVD) and $14.99 (VHS), it runs approximately 80 minutes.

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Animatrix DVD Release Date!

After previously announcing that the short film FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS, directed by Square USA, will have its theatrical premiere with the feature film DREAMCATCHER, Warner Home Video and Village Roadshow Pictures have now announced the DVD release date for THE ANIMATRIX. The nine animated episodes that make up THE ANIMATRIX (including FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS) will be released worldwide on DVD and videocassette on June 3, 2003.

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Jonah Sails To Home Video March 4th

The ever-popular VeggieTales characters are trekking to DVD and VHS on March 4, 2003 with the Artisan Home Entertainment and Big Idea Productions release of JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE. Starring Larry the Cucumber (as Pirate Larry, the laziest pirate in the world) and Bob the Tomato (as himself), as well as upper-crusty Archibald the Asparagus as Jonah, the monocle-sporting prophet, JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE is the first VeggieTales story to receive a theatrical release.

Features Headline News

Stuart Little 2 Now On DVD

After opening at number one at the box office, STUART LITTLE 2 faded away quickly from theaters, but now has another shot at success with the release of a special edition DVD. Combining live-action and CG animation, and featuring a voice cast including Michael J. Fox, Melanie Griffith and James Woods, STUART LITTLE 2 continues the story of the little mouse who lives with his human parents in New York City.

Million Headline News

Clones Battle Spider-Man In Video War

The DVD battles are on! It's a little over two weeks since SPIDER-MAN claimed the one day sales victory (with 7 million units), and now Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that STAR WARS: EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES is the "fastest selling" home video release of the year. "Our tracking shows that the sales velocity for EPISODE II is faster than any other major title released this year -- and possibly ever," noted Mike Dunn, executive VP of sales and marketing, Fox Home Entertainment. Fox stated that more than 25% of initial shipments were purchased at traditional retail outlets throughout North America on the first day of release (November 12, 2002), with sales at retail topping $75 million for that first day alone. Although the studio declined to give actual numbers, it is estimated that after one week in stores, EPISODE II has sold about 7 million units. SPIDER-MAN has been available since November 1, 2002, and is estimated to have sold double that amount. Considering EPISODE II is still in many theaters, including the recently released big screen version ATTACK OF THE CLONES THE IMAX EXPERIENCE, it's unlikely that this installment of the STAR WARS saga will outsell the web-slinger, which took in a home video record of $190 million in three days.