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Headline News A Message From God - Coming Soon To A Store Near You

Orlando animation production company A&S Animation, Inc., has produced a series of animated bible story shorts called A MESSAGE FROM GOD. Created by Emmy Award winning producers J&B DiFrancesco, the shorts will be included in Raven Moon Entertainment's new video release called GINA D'S KIDS CLUB. Based on the DiFrancescos concept of having two animated kids telling bible stories, Mark Simon of A&S Animation, Inc. developed and produced the three one-minute shorts telling the stories of Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, and Adam and Eve.

Headline News Gumby, Pokey And Friends Find A Home At Rhino

Rhino Home Video has acquired the home video rights to the entire collection of the GUMBY animated series. The deal encompasses 214 total episodes of THE GUMBY SHOW and THE ALL-NEW GUMBY created from 1956 to 1988 and marks the first time the full library will be available to the public. Rhino Home Video plans to release DVD boxed sets of the complete library as well as individual DVDs and VHS cassettes of the shorts. This marks the DVD debut of the early episodes and the home video premiere of the 1980s stop-motion animation cartoons. The GUMBY series will be a part of the Kid Rhino brand.

Headline News Phantom Overtakes Mummy As Top Selling DVD

Just one week after THE MUMMY RETURNS broke records as the fastest selling DVD of all time, here comes STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE THE PHANTOM MENACE. Selling a record 2.2 million copies in one week (besting MUMMYS 2 million sold), and setting a new first-week sales record, EPISODE ONE racked up approximately $45 million in sales. Fox Home Entertainment VP of marketing said that EPISODE ONE is on track to out-sell the biggest selling DVD of all time, GLADIATOR. However, THE PHANTOM MENACE is about to face two big green characters that may derail its plans for DVD sales domination.

Headline News Record Breaking Week For DVD Sales

On October 9, 2001 Universal Studios Home Video reported that their release of THE MUMMY RETURNS registered the biggest first week in the history of DVD with consumers purchasing over two million units of the initial shipments of 4.5 million DVDs. Consumers spent an estimated $90 million on purchase and rental of THE MUMMY RETURNS DVD and VHS, which went on sale October 2, 2001. These figures break the first week sales and rental record previously held by the film GLADIATOR.

Headline News Hannigan Scores Recess Christmas

Prolific animation music composer Denis M. Hannigan is currently scoring RECESS CHRISTMAS: MIRACLE ON THIRD STREET, an OAV to be released on VHS/DVD November 6, 2001. This feature follows the adventures of the RECESS fourth graders as they attract fun and trouble during the holiday season. Along with scoring RECESS CHRISTMAS, Hannigan is also arranging parodies of classic Christmas songs that will be featured in the film. Hannigan has written music for animated features and many of today's most popular children's TV series including RECESS, CATDOG and RUGRATS.

Headline News Simpson's First Season Debuts On DVD

Twentieth Century Fox's THE SIMPSONS SEASON ONE COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD BOX SET will be available in stores on September 25, 2001, and features all thirteen episodes from the show's first season and outtakes from an un-aired version of the first 22-minute episode. Bonus features include original scripts, audio commentaries by Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, writers, producers and animation directors, the original skit from the TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW, early sketches, foreign language clips (mais oui! Homer speaks French!), magazine covers and stills, Easter Eggs and outtakes.

Headline News Matrix Anime Set For Video Release

In an attempt to keep the MATRIX franchise hot, Warner Bros. has green-lit anime adventures based on the original flick. The film's directors Andy and Larry Wachowski, who were originally inspired by anime to make the MATRIX, are currently looking for anime directors to create episodes for the video. MATRIX ANIME is being planned for a late 2002 or early 2003 release. The live-action sequel, MATRIX RELOADED, is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2003.

Headline News Camp Chaos Webtoons Coming To DVD

In response to the success of the DVD short-film collection "Best of the Web," Multimedia 2000 (M-2K) has announced the release of a follow-up DVD, "Best of the Web, Volume 2." The new installment will highlight the work of The 75-minute DVD will feature episodes of NAPSTER BAD and SAFARI KINGDOM as well as the U.S. election parody FLORI-DUH. "Most of these cartoon shorts were originally developed specifically for the Web, using Macromedia's animation software, Flash," said CampChaos' Bob Cesca.

Headline News Caillou Hits Video In September

Warner Home Video and PBS KIDS Home Video are about to release the first two CAILLOU titles in the U.S. In CAILLOU'S FURRY FRIENDS, Caillou takes his cat Gilbert to the vet, receives some help from the fire department to get Gilbert out of a tree, brings home a stray puppy and befriends a seeing-eye dog. In CAILLOU THE EXPLORER, Caillou heads out to sea with Grandpa, rides the train, visits the farm and learns to use chopsticks with his friend Sarah. The Cinar-produced series has already sold more than 1.2 million videos in Canada since its launch in 1998.

Headline News Disney Announces Halloween Haunts For Pooh & Rolie Polie Olie

In celebration of Halloween, Walt Disney Home Video will be releasing two holiday themed WINNIE THE POOH videos and one ROLIE POLIE OLIE title. In ROLIE POLIE OLIE: A SPOOKIE OOKIE HALLOWEEN, Olie and Billie decide to make Zowie's first Spookie Ookie Day one full of frights. In BOO TO YOU TOO!, Pooh and friends get their costumes ready, but Piglet is just too scared to join in. In FRANKENPOOH, the Hundred Acre Woods crew has a howling good time in three scary tales. A SPOOKIE OOKIE HALLOWEEN will sell for US$12.99, while the two POOH videos will retail for US$14.99.

Headline News Akira Is The Top DVD In The US

According to Sound Scan, a video industry analyst group, Pioneer Entertainment's newly released AKIRA was the number-one selling DVD for the week of July 29, 2001. The classic anime film was first released in 1989, but was recently restored by Pioneer Entertainment at a cost of $1 million. The DVD beat the debut of live-action films FAMILY MAN, starring Nicolas Cage, and SWEET NOVEMBER, starring Keanu Reeves. The film is set is Neo-Tokyo after World War III and follows childhood friends Tetsuo and Kaneda as they encounter a military operation to retrieve an escaped experimental subject.

Headline News Animated Lord Of The Rings Coming To DVD

Warner Home Video has announced the release of the animated LORD OF THE RINGS, THE RETURN OF THE KING and THE HOBBIT on VHS and DVD. Hitting stores of September 11, this is the first time that THE LORD OF THE RINGS has been on video and DVD. The animated version of JRR Tolkien's classic fantasy was produced by Oscar-winner Saul Zaentz. THE RETURN OF THE KING and THE HOBBIT were produced by Rankin and Bass. "WHV is extremely excited to offer families these JRR Tolkien classics, available on both VHS and DVD," said Ewa Martinoff, Warner Home Video VP, Family Entertainment Marketing.

Headline News Recess: School's Out Swings Onto Video

Walt Disney Home Entertainment has announced the release of RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT on VHS and DVD. Hitting stores on August 7, the theatrical film based on the popular TV series RECESS follows TJ's adventure to stop ex-principal Benedict's evil plan to ruin summer vacation. The voice cast features such stars as Dabney Coleman, James Woods and Melissa Joan Hart. The VHS and DVD will both contain the music videos for "Green Tambourine" by Robert Goulet and "Dancing in the Street" by Myra.

Headline News Fox Announces The Simpsons Season One DVD Box Set

Arriving in stores on September 25, 2001, Fox Home Entertainment will release THE SIMPSONS SEASON ONE COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD BOX SET featuring every episode from the premiere season. The three-disc set will feature all thirteen episodes from the show's first season and outtakes from an un-aired version of the first 22-minute episode. Bonus features include original scripts and audio commentaries by Matt Groening, James L.

Headline News Mongadillo Studios Announces Shawks Video

Mongadillo Studios has announced the July 4th, 2001 home video release of the Web series SHAWKS. This limited edition video features re-mastered digital sound, full frame animation, sheet music for SHC anthems "Check for Gills" and "I Used To Love You," official Shawk Haters Club stickers and behind-the-scenes featurette, including interviews from cast and creators. In addition, Mongadillo has announced the 11th Webisode of SHAWKS has gone live at The SHAWKS video retails for US$15.

Headline News Gnomon Releases New Maya Training Videos

By Dan Sarto | Friday, April 27, 2001 at 12:00am

The Gnomon Workshop has released six new Alias|Wavefront Maya training videos on polygon modeling, cameras and dynamics. This series of six marks the third round of releases and brings the total number of titles available from The Gnomon Workshop up to 18. The new videos are currently shipping and can be ordered in NTSC or PAL from the company's Website. The videos were produced by Alex Alvarez, director of The Gnomon Workshop and Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Darrin Krumweide, associate director of Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Headline News New Dragon Ball Z Video Releases

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 23, 2001 at 12:00am

FUNimation Productions Ltd. has announced a slate of upcoming DRAGON BALL Z home video releases. OnApril 17, 2001, edited and uncut versions of DRAGON BALL Z PERFECTCELL - TEMPTATION and DRAGON BALL Z PERFECT CELL - PERFECTION arescheduled for release. Scheduled for release on May 15, 2001, areDRAGON BALL Z GREAT SAIYAMAN - CRASH COURSE and DRAGON BALL Z WORLDTOURNAMENT - JUNIOR DIVISION, also in both edited and uncut versions.The videos will retail for $14.95 edited and $19.95 uncut. DRAGON

Headline News New Saber Marionette J, Escaflowne And Angel Links Releases From Bandai

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 23, 2001 at 12:00am

Bandai Entertainment has announced a series of June, 2001 VHSand DVD releases for their ANGEL LINKS, SABER MARIONETTE J andESCAFLOWNE series. On June 5, the company will release an ANGELLINKS - FALLEN ANGEL DVD, which will include both English andJapanese language tracks, English subtitles, trailers and bonusclips, retailing for $29.98. Also scheduled for a June 5 release isESCAFLOWNE - LIGHT AND SHADOW and FOREVER AND EVER on VHS and DVD,which marks the final installment of the ESCAFLOWNE television

Headline News The Emperor's New Groove Is Coming To Home Video

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 23, 2001 at 12:00am

Walt DisneyHome Video will be releasing THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE on VHS and DVDon May 1, 2001. The VHS release, retailing for $26.99, will includeSting's "Making the Music" music video featuring "My Funny Friend andMe" from the film's soundtrack. Two different DVD versions will bereleased. The DISNEY DVD version, to retail for $29.99, includes anadditional music video "Walk the Llama Llama," as well as bonuscommentary, an interactive game and a deleted scene from the movie.

Headline News Powerpuff Girls Home Video Collection Released

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 23, 2001 at 12:00am

Warner Home Videohas released three new POWERPUFF GIRL collections on VHS and DVD,which include never-before-seen episodes. The new BOOGIE FRIGHTS VHScollection contains five episodes, including the never-before-seen"Helter Shelter," the Powerpuff Girls' music video featuring ShonenKnife, a bonus episode of COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG, and a sneak peekat the upcoming Cartoon Network SAMURAI JACK series, which is set toair in Summer 2001. The new TWISTED SISTER VHS collection contains

Headline News Samurai X: The Motion Picture Arrives On VHS & DVD

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 2, 2001 at 12:00am

SAMURAI X: THE MOTION PICTURE was released on DVD and VHS on March 27, 2001. Inspired by the 97 episode TV series of the same name, the feature film marks the return of Rurouni Kenshin, who must fight his past demons in a duel to the death. The ADV Films title will sell for US$19.98 on VHS and $29.98 on DVD.

Headline News Fox Kids' Flint Flies Onto Home Video

By Dan Sarto | Monday, April 2, 2001 at 12:00am

ADV Films released two new volumes of the anime series FLINT: THE TIME DETECTIVE. Hitting stores March 27, 2001, the time-traveling adventures of the little caveman return in "The Sands of Time" and "Can't We All Get Along?" The series currently airs on Fox Kids and is produced by Sanrio, the creators of HELLO KITTY. Both volumes will sell on VHS and DVD for US$14.98.

Headline News Mr. Bill Comes To Video & Web Via Lions Gate & CinemaNow

Lions Gate Home Entertainment has gained the home video rights for the MR. BILL collection of shorts. In addition, has obtained the Internet video-on-demand rights. Lions Gate plans to release several MR. BILL shorts on VHS late this summer with a DVD featuring 2 hours of content following sometime after. Special features on the DVD will be behind-the-scenes commentary by Mr. Bill about his time on SNL, never-before-seen footage and the short MR. BILL 2013: A BILL ODYSSEY. The collections obtained in the deal were: "The Mr.