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Animation Headline News

Nemo Set for DVD Collector's Edition

With FINDING NEMO overtaking THE LION KING as the box office leader in animation, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced that the Disney/Pixar blockbuster will debut on DVD on Nov. 4, 2003. The two-disc Collector's Edition ($29.99) will feature a new original short film, EXPLORING THE REEF WITH JEAN-MICHEL COUSTEAU, the classic Pixar short, KNICKKNACK, and the following extras: Filmmakers' visual commentary (including deleted scenes and recording sessions).

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DVDn Offers New Interactivity in Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

DKP Effects recently partnered with Rhino Home Video and Warner Strategic Marketing to bring a new interactivity to the booming DVD format: DVDn. The first title, SCOURGE OF WORLDS: A DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ADVENTURE ($24.95), released earlier this summer, is intended to be a true hybrid of features and gaming.

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Looney Tunes Strike Gold on DVD

The wait is over: Warner Home Video is finally releasing the first of its LOONEY TUNES DVD box sets on Oct. 28, 2003. The digitally remastered, four-disc set, titled THE LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION ($64.92) contains 56 classic toons devoted to BUGS BUNNY (disc one), PORKY PIG and DAFFY DUCK (disc two), plus two survey discs that are billed as PREMIERE COLLECTION VOL. ONE and TWO.

Entertainment Headline News

Entertainment Rights Signs Transformer Deal

U.K.-based Entertainment Rights Plc has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Rhino Home Video for the North American home video and DVD distribution rights to Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS ARMADA animated TV series. Previously, Entertainment Rights secured the international television, and video and DVD rights to the series. The company announced the sale of the show to more than 70 countries, including Sky One and GMTV in the U.K., Teletoon in France, Cartoon Network and Telecinco in Spain, Fox Kids in Italy and Cartoon Network in Australia. The series currently airs in the U.S.

Series Headline News

Battlestar Galactica Series Celebrates 25th Anniversary on DVD

In anticipation of The SCI FI Channel's new four-hour BATTLESTAR GALACTICA miniseries (premiering December 2003), Universal Home Video will launch the landmark 1978 TV series on DVD, Oct. 21, 2003. The six-disc Complete Epic Series collection is priced at $119.98, while the subsequent feature is repriced at $19.98.

Entertainment Headline News

EM.TV Expands Home Entertainment With Universal

EM.TV & Merchandising AG made a substantial move in the home entertainment field, signing a three-year license agreement with Universal Family Entertainment, to exploit the German entity's libraries of DVD, VHS, music cassette and CD media sectors. The contract, according to EM.TV, is in the lower single-digit million euro area.

Anime Headline News

KOCH Gets Into Anime

KOCH Entertainment Distribution, a growing music and video distributor in Port Washington, New York, signed an exclusive distribution deal with AnimEigo, a leading Anime label that specializes in releasing the finest Japanese Animation and Samurai films in the North American market. KOCH will distribute AnimEigo's entire catalog, which includes well-known classic titles such as MACROSS (the series that became the core of ROBOTECH), BUBBLEGUM CRISIS, URUSEI YATSURA, KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD, OH MY GODDESS!

Season Headline News

First King of the Hill Season Now on DVD

KING OF THE HILL SEASON ONE, the start of the Texas-sized redneck comedy by Mike Judge (BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD) and Greg Daniels (THE SIMPSONS), bursts onto DVD (Fox Home Entertainment, $39.98), July 1, 2003. The collectible three-disc set follows the daily lives of "propane and propane accessories" salesman Hank Hill and his wild family and friends. More than seven million fans tune in each week to enter this ruckus world of BBQ and power tools animated by Film Roman.

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Plympton's Mutant Aliens Lands on DVD

MUTANT ALIENS, the latest feature by maverick animator Bill Plympton, who is graphic in both his art and point of view, resurfaced in a fully-loaded DVD on July 1, 2003 (Ventura Distribution, $19.90). In MUTANT ALIENS, an astronaut left in space returns after 20 years with a vengeance after being betrayed by a greedy corporate shark.

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Kangaroo Jack Ready for More on DVD

That elusive kangaroo from down under made his DVD debut on June 24, 2003, when KANGAROO JACK (Warner Home Video, $27.98) hit stores with a host of supplements. With VFX by The Secret Lab and animatronics by Neal Scanlan Studio, you can get a closer look at the celebrated work. Visual effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman contributes audio commentary to go along with segments on animal casting sessions, gags and outtakes and marsupial magic.

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Heralded Cowboy Bebop Bows on DVD

COWBOY BEBOP THE MOVIE makes its eagerly awaited DVD debut on June 24, 2003 (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $26.95) in a worthy special edition. Based on the popular anime TV series, the feature couldn't be more topical with the unleashing of a deadly viral infection by terrorists. The film not only looks striking in this widescreen anamorphic transfer (the production companies include Bandai Visual Co.

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Walking With Cavemen Hits DVD

Only two days after its North American TV broadcast, WALKING WITH CAVEMEN hits the DVD shelves on June 17, 2003 (BBC Video, $19.99). The Discovery Channel/BBC co-production breaks the mold of DINOSAURS and PREHISTORIC BEASTS by combining CGI, animatronics and actors dressed in prosthetics in recreating our earliest ancestors.

Bullwinkle Headline News

Rocky & Bullwinkle to Debut on DVD

Don't look now, but Frostbite Falls will be getting closer than you think with the DVD debut of Rocky and Bullwinkle on Aug. 12, 2003. ROCKY & BULLWINKLE & FRIENDS: COMPLETE SEASON 1, a 4-disc set featuring 26 episodes of the classic Jay Ward series, will retail for $39.98 and be distributed by Sony Music. It's the first release from Bullwinkle Studios, a joint venture formed last year between New York-based Classic Media and Jay Ward Prods. (headed by Tiffany Ward).

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Jungle Book 2 Bows on DVD

Disney's JUNGLE BOOK 2, which premiered in theaters earlier in the year, comes to DVD (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99) on June 10, 2003. The sequel to the popular 1967 feature (the last under Walt's reign), was produced by DisneyToon Studios under the supervision of director Steve Trenbirth and producers Chris Chase and Mary Thorne. In the production notes, Trenbirth states "computer imaging was crucial during the 'W-I-L-D' musical sequence. Meanwhile, art director Mike Peraza says he rediscovered, among other things, how "circular designs and soft shapes are non-threatening and very well received by kids." The voice cast is headed by John Goodman (Baloo) and Haley Joel Osment (Mowgli).

Headline News

DPS to Computer-Animate Cabbage Patch Kids

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kids, IDT Media is developing two animated projects, a music video and an active play video through its 3D animation unit, Digital Productions Solutions (DPS), which recently bought a majority stake in Film Roman Inc. This marks the first-ever computer-animated depiction of the franchise, and the latest indication of DPS' aggressive pursuit of dolls and action figures to animate. The Cabbage Patch Kids is licensed by Original Appalachian Artworks (OAA) and represented exclusively by 4Kids Entertainment.

Animation Headline News

The Matrix Meets Anime in Comprehensive DVD

The much ballyhooed anthology of nine MATRIX shorts premiered June 3, 2003 on DVD ($24.98 suggested retail from Warner Home Video), with its unprecedented fusion of computer animation and anime, delving deeper into the complex virtual world of the Matrix and featuring some of the top anime creators, including Yoshiaki Kawajiri (VAMPIRE HUNTER D), Shinchiro Waanable (COWBOY BEBOP) and Koji Morimoto (AKIRA'S animation supervisor).

Film Headline News

A DVD Record to Die for

DIE ANOTHER DAY, the record-breaking 20th James Bond feature starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry, shipped more than 16 million units worldwide on DVD June 3, 2003, becoming MGM Home Entertainment's best-selling title. The two-disc special edition a first for a Bond film, retails for $29.98, and offers seven hours of bonus features, including an inside look at the stunts and action sequences, especially the franchise's first foray into CGI, courtesy of Cinesite, Double Negative, Framestore CFC, Mill Film and The Moving Picture Co.

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Milo Returns in New Atlantis DVD

The fearless explorers from ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE are back in a brand new direct-to-video, ATLANTIS: MILO'S RETURN (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, $29.99). Toby Shelton (MICKEY'S ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS) and Victor A. Cook (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN) share directing duties, while several original cast members return, including Cree Summer, John Mahoney, Don Novello and Phil Morris. Working from Mike Mignola's inspiration, the animation team from Walt Disney Television Animation was headed by supervising character designer Greg Guler (THE LEGEND OF TARZAN), lead prop designer Chuck Puntuvatana (X-MEN: EVOLUTION), lead background painter Sy Thomas (HOUSE OF MOUSE) and lead color stylist Tracy Jones (HOUSE OF MOUSE).

Entertainment Headline News

Ardustry Home Entertainment Enters Kids Market

Ardustry Home Entertainment has created a new kids division for the acquisition and marketing of children's DVD and interactive entertainment. The new unit has already signed a deal with Santa Monica, California-based children's entertainment company Bali Hai Titles included in the deal are INVISIBLE DAD, A KID CALLED DANGER, CLUBHOUSE DETECTIVES, DEAR SANTA, MY BROTHER THE PIG, MY MAGIC DOG, JUNGLE BOY, TREASURES OF PIRATES POINT, MY TEACHER ATE MY HOMEWORK, THE ROBIN HOOD GANG and P.U.N.K.S.

Headline News

Bug's Life Returns to DVD With Nemo Goodies

After being on moratorium for a while, A BUG'S LIFE COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, $29.99) returned May 27, 2003 with an all-new activity game and FISHY FACTS from FINDING NEMO. In A BUG'S LAND, Heimlich the caterpillar and Francis the Lady Bug each have their own segments. Heimlich finds an enormous melon, but needs help devouring it, while Francis remains in hiding until a few trivia questions can be answered. With FISHY FACTS, learn all about the fish of FINDING NEMO.

Entertainment Headline News

Artisan To Deliver T2 On High-Def DVD-ROM

Artisan Home Entertainment Inc. will issue TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (EXTREME EDITION), that will feature both high-definition and standard resolutions versions of the film for the first time on the same DVD. The two-disc set offers a digitally remastered theatrical version of the film in high-definition video and full surround sound on a single DVD-ROM in Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. It offers an image nearly 3.5 times shaper than a standard DVD video and will require more horsepower to view it.

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Chatsworth TV Sells The Ticket For Busy Buses On DVD

Chatsworth Television Distributors has signed a number of video deals for its pre-school animation series BUSY BUSES (39 x 5), which will see its animated characters go multi-lingual.

Video distributor UFG will release the first French version title of the series on video and DVD in fall 2003 in France with more titles to follow. In Korea, two video titles have been released in Korean, as well as an English-language version accompanied by a teaching aid to help children learn English in a fun and effective way. BUSY BUSES airs on EBS, Korea and Kids Station, Japan.

Animation Headline News

Treasure Planet Set For Sale On DVD

Disney's Academy Award-nominated animated feature TREASURE PLANET if now for sale on DVD and home video. This updated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's literary classic TREASURE ISLAND, is a blend of 2D and 3D animation. It features the story of young Jim Hawkins, a troubled youth who teams up with the villainous and comical cyborg cook, John Silver in an outer space treasure hunt. Voice cast stars Joseph-Gordon Levitt (THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN) as Hawkins, Emma Thompson (MAYBE BABY) as Captain Amelia, Brian Murray (three-time Tony Award nominee) as Silver and Martin Short (PRIMETIME GLICK) as Hawkin's crazy robot pall B.E.N.

DVD extras include commentary by directors John Musker and Ron Clements, behind-the-scenes specials and deleted scenes (including an alternate ending). The DVD features a digital transfer picture and Dolby Digital sound, presented in the animator's original aspect ratio and a game featuring a virtual 3D tour of the ship and a treasure hunt. DISNEY'S ANIMATION MAGIC takes viewers behind the scenes with Roy Disney, plus there are still art and character galleries, an animation featurette, a music featurette and a music video. The 95-minute Buena Vista Home Ent. release retails for $29.99 DVD and $24.99 VHS.

Home Headline News

Big-Screen Thornberrys Movie Comes To DVD

Take the animated adventures of a family of wildlife documentary filmmakers out in Africa home by way of Paramount Home Entertainment's release of THE WILD THORNBERRYS MOVIE on DVD and home video. The movie, produced by Klasky Csupo and Nickelodeon Movies, based upon the hit TV series, features the Oscar-nominated song by Paul Simon, "Father and Daughter" as a music video.