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Headline News

New Land Before Time DVD Marks 15th Anniversary of Blockbuster Franchise

With the Dec. 2, 2003 release of THE LAND BEFORE TIME: THE GREAT LONGNECK MIGRATION Universal Studios Home Video celebrates the 15th anniversary of this billion-dollar direct-to-video animation franchise. THE GREAT LONGNECK MIGRATION ($24.98) marks the 10th installment of the children's dinosaur saga, which began with the beloved theatrical feature directed by Don Bluth and exec produced by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Alien Headline News

Definitive Alien Quadrilogy DVDs Offer New VFX

On the heels of Ridley Scott's recent director's cut of ALIEN comes ALIEN QUADRILOGY, the ultimate box set of the sci-fi franchise and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's (TCFHE) most ambitious DVD project yet. Streeting Dec. 2, 2003 and priced at $99.98, QUADRILOGY contains four films, nine discs and 45 hours of bonus materials. Plus new vfx in ALIEN and ALIEN3 supplied by TCFHE and five houses (Svengali, R!OT, Encore, Frantic and Modern Video). There are 15 new CG shots in ALIEN, including CG blood, CG fire, wire removal and star fields.

Film Headline News

BrownBoots Ramps Up Dino-Sized Indie Film

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based BrownBoots Interactive has begun production on a 3D animated feature entitled, DINOVILLE ADVENTURES: METEOR MADNESS. Co-directing and producing the project are BrownBoots president Alan Hathaway and animator Tim Bowser. The 30-minute film should be finished in July 2004 and BrownBoots hopes to shop the project around to the direct-to-video market.

Star Headline News

Original Star Wars Trilogy Hitting DVD Nov. 2004?

Various Internet sources have claimed that Fox Home Entertainment and LucasFilms have released information to retailers that the original STAR WARS trilogy will be released on DVD November 2, 2004. These rumors first started when LucasFilms held a hush hush invitation only marketing preview in San Francisco on Nov. 5, 2003. is stating that the films with be packaged individually and not as a box set. Fox Home Entertainment has told VFXWorld it is too early to confirm any of the details until LucasFilms informs them.

Headline News

Pirates: A DVD Bounty of Riches

Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, which has amassed more than $304M to date, arrives Dec. 2, 2003 on DVD (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99). The two-disc set includes a bounty of supplemental riches, including audio commentaries by director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp, deleted scenes, a "making-of" featurette, "Moonlight" scene progression, blooper reel and an interactive history of pirates.

Effects Headline News

X2: X-Men United Explodes Onto DVD

X2: X-MEN UNITED (Fox Home Entertainment, $29.98) has arrived on DVD. The highly anticipated follow-up to X-MEN has director Bryan Singer and crew surer footed with both the comic book conventions and demanding vfx, supervised by Michael Fink, who recently wrote about the history of previs for VFXWORLD.

Headline News

g-NET & FUNimation Team On DVD Videogame Strategy Guides

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 12:00am

g-NET Media LLC has announced the establishment of g-NET Publishing in order to produce and market videogame-related home-video products. g-NET Publishing's first product will be iGuides, the world's first line of officially licensed DVD videogames strategy guides. g-NET has teamed with FUNimation Productions Ltd. as the exclusive distributor for its iGuide product in the U.S. and all English-speaking territories.

Million Headline News

Nemo Passes Fellowship of the Ring in DVD Sales

After only two weeks, Disney/Pixar's FINDING NEMO has sold a record-breaking 15 million units on DVD and another 5 million units on video, reeling in more than $360 million in total home entertainment revenue, according to Buena Vista Home Entertainment. That exceeds the nearly $340 million raked in at the North American box office this year, a record for animated features. In terms of DVDs, NEMO has surpassed THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (14.5 million units).

Production Headline News

Jordanian-American Co-Production Tackles Arab/American Tension

Amman, Jordan-based Rubicon, Washington, DC-based Layalina Prods. and Los Angeles-based Fat Rock Ent. have teamed up to create a 13-episode series addressing the cultural gap that exists between the United States and the Arab world. Heading the project will be Rubicon ceo Randa Ayoubi, Layalinas chairman Richard Fairbanks and Fat Rock ceo David Pritchard, who created the series. The project is intended to be a direct-to-DVD production, but will also air on satellite and television broadcast networks both in the Middle East and the U.S. The budget for the project is set at $5 million.

Disney Headline News

Disney Treasures Wave 3 DVD Collection Delayed

Due to "overwhelming consumer demand and retailer orders for Buena Vista Home Entertainment's WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 3," the highly anticipated and collectible limited series has been pushed back from December 2, 2003 to May 18, 2004. Apparently Technicolor is backed up with manufacturing orders (including FINDING NEMO, THE LION KING and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), because, according to an official statement, "demand for the four titles in the upcoming wave has exceeded BVHE's ability to manufacture enough [units]."

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X2, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Bound for DTS-Encoded D-VHS

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment plans to up the D-VHS ante by debuting five new titles this holiday season on JVC's D-VHS format, featuring JVC's D-Theater encryption and introducing for the first time optional DTS digital surround sound at the full bit rate of 1509 kbps. The titles include: X2 (Nov. 25), LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (Dec. 16), MOULIN ROUGE (Nov. 25), SPEED (Dec. 16) and TRUE LIES (Dec. 16).

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Immersive First With Lilo & Stitch's Island DVD

Walt Disney Home Entertainment ups the LILO & STITCH ante with a new DVD board game, LILO & STITCH'S ISLAND OF ADVENTURES ($29.99), available Nov. 11, 2003. In keeping with the home entertainment division's "immersive" theme, the DVD provides nearly 60 minutes of new content that expands the home theater family experience.

Entertainment Headline News

Krazy Kat Premieres on DVD

The popular KRAZY KAT cartoon series from King Features Syndicate back in the early '60s lands on DVD Nov. 11, 2003 in a two-disc set (Koch Vision, $29.98). Newly remastered and containing four hours of classic animation, the collection includes 39 episodes, including two extended bonus entries, featuring lovable Krazy Kat, Ignatz, the brick-throwing little mouse, and Offissa Pupp, inspired by cartoonist George Herriman's off-beat strip in 1913.

Alien Headline News

Alien Quadrilogy DVD Collection to Contain New VFX

On the heels of Ridley Scott's new director's cut of ALIEN comes ALIEN QUADRILOGY, the ultimate box set of the sci-fi franchise and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's (TCFHE) most ambitious DVD project yet. Due Dec. 2, 2003 and priced at $99.98, QUADRILOGY contains four films, nine discs and 45 hours of bonus materials. Plus new vfx in ALIEN and ALIEN3 supplied by TCFHE and five houses (Svengali, R!OT, Encore, Frantic and Modern Video). There are 15 new CG shots in ALIEN, including CG blood, CG fire, wire removal and star fields.

Million Headline News

Nemo DVD & VHS Net 8 Million Units Sold

Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced that the FINDING NEMO DVD and VHS set a new first day sales record of eight million units sold, bringing in approximately $130 million, reported VARIETY. This feat beats Columbia TriStar's SPIDER-MANs first day sale record of 7 million units. The ocean adventure brought in $340 million at the box office making it the biggest grossing film of the year so far and estimates have the home entertainment versions of the fishy flick bringing in nearly $400 million in its first week.

Headline News

Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights DVD Animates Chanukah

Adam Sandler's first animated foray, EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS, comes to DVD (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $26.95) Nov. 4, 2003, with lots of Sandler bonuses underlying the somewhat autobiographical holiday riff.

Originally written for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Sandler's new version of his beloved and nearly classic Chanukah song, specially written for the movie and coupled with his talent to voice multiple characters, makes for a kosher comedy this season.

Headline News

Nemo Poised to Conquer DVD

After breaking the box office record for animation, Disney/Pixar's beloved FINDING NEMO (Walt Disney Home Video, $29.99) sets its sights on a DVD record as well, streeting Nov. 4, 2003. The two-disc set of Pixar's computer-animated phenomenon not only looks and sounds digitally great, as you would expect, but the extras just keep getting better and better, thanks in large part to Bill Kinder, who has produced Pixar's DVDs since A BUG'S LIFE. They are witty, inventive and always informative.

Headline News

George of the Jungle 2 Boasts Cutting Edge Animated Credits

Cutting Edge VFX of Australia ( recently completed the animated opening and closing credits for Disney's just-released DVD premiere GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2 (Walt Disney Home Entertainment, $29.99).

Headline News

A Merrie, Looney DVD Set

Finally, the long-awaited THE LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION (Warner Home Video, $64.92) hits DVD Oct. 28, 2003 with thunderous, anvil-dropping fanfare. 56 classic Warner Bros. shorts, restored and remastered uncut to a bright and shiny Technicolor glory, thanks to the patience and prodding of historian Jerry Beck, who aided in the production of this indispensable four-disc set.

Film Headline News

Millennium Actress Debuts on DVD

Renowned anime director Satoshi Kons critically acclaimed, award-winning second feature, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, makes its highly anticipated debut on DVD on Oct 28, 2003 (DreamWorks Home Entertainment, $19.99). The movie showcases Kons starting visual style and unique storyline by seamlessly blending fantasy and reality, memory and perception, into an epic adventure of fate, destiny and the history of Japanese cinema.

Headline News

Hulk Devours on DVD

Ang Lees controversial, angst-ridden adaptation of the popular Marvel comic, HULK, premieres Oct. 28, 2003 on DVD (Universal Home Entertainment, $26.98). The complex, tragic story aside (the scientific sins of the father are truly visited on the son), theres the more intriguing issue of Industrial Light & Magics CG work on the Hulk to reconsider. No matter what your views on the aesthetic choices, the technical advances in character animation make the Hulk a marvel to watch.

Headline News

Going Full Throttle on DVD with Charlie's Angels

The highly anticipated DVD release of CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE streets Oct. 21, 2003 in both theatrical and un-rated versions (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, $27.94). Directed once again by McG and starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, the sequel capitalizes on more creative stunts, sexy costumes and a pulsating soundtrack.

Home Headline News

A Treasure Trove of Indiana Jones on DVD

With great fanfare, the INDIANA JONES trilogy comes to DVD Oct. 21, 2003 (Paramount Home Entertainment, $49.95) in a handsome four-disc set. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (now bearing the INDIANA JONES AND THEmoniker), INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE have never looked or sounded better at home. They've been digitally cleaned up by Lowry Digital Images and remastered by THX. And the extras on disc 4 are like archaeological treasures.

Headline News

Noodlesoup, Johnson Group Put Fresh Spin On Fairy Tales

Noodlesoup Prods, an animation studio moving up the ranks in New York City, and The Johnson Group, a rapidly growing independent production firm in McLean, Virginia, are developing FRESH SPINS, a direct-to-video childrens series featuring a modernized animated version of favorite fables and fairy tales.