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Studio 100 Film Brings ‘Mia and Me’ Movie to AFM

Feature spun out of hit animated series is slated to hit in 2020.

Studio 100 Film will present ‘Mia and Me -- The Movie’ at the American Film Market.

MUNICH -- Studio 100 Film presents Mia and Me -- The Movie at this year’s American Film Market, at Loews Office #653.

The feature film will continue to tell Mia’s adventures and adds a new chapter to her phenomenal success story. The movie is in development and planned to hit cinemas in 2020.

Mia and Me -- The Movie will be produced by m4e, Hahn & m4e Productions and Flying Bark Productions. Studio 100 Film is the sales agency for the worldwide rights. 

The movie tells the tale of Mia standing up against a monstrous evil toad who threatens Centopia and seeks to make it his personal poisonous pit. On top of that, he holds the key to Mia’s parents' mysterious disappearance.

With three seasons completed and a fourth in production, Mia and Me has sold to more than 80 territories and reached the first position among girl’s TV shows in many of them.

Mia and Me, created by Gerhard Hahn, is a production of Hahn & m4e Productions GmbH -- a joint venture between m4e AG and Gerhard Hahn.

Source: Studio 100 Film

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