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Olympic Games Spark Calamity In Happy Tree Friends Latest Smoochie

A deer mime competes in the Olympic Games? Only in the world of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS! Their new Olympic-themed short video SMOOCHIE, up now on, is loaded with more skull-splitting, eye-popping and hair-raising comedy worthy of a gold medal. The new SMOOCHIE stars Mime, a character that has not yet seen the SMOOCHIE spotlight.

Mime, the cute and playful deer, sets out to compete in his first Olympic game. Little does he know that this is a Hammer Throw and not a Boomerang Throw, now headed straight for his furry head. But he is given another chance at the Hurdles, only to meet with some violent obstacles along the way. In his third and final game, things start to look brighter for Mime. Raising a heavy barbell proudly above his head, even the birds want to take a look. You can only imagine what happens when a few extra pounds land on the bar. With this fresh new theme and poor unsuspecting Mime, bad things are bound to happen.

The new SMOOCHIE joins the Mondo Mini Shows line-up, which is the third-most viewed channel on YouTube -- the 93 videos have received more than 202 million unique show views and consistently ranks in the top iTunes podcasts downloads. HAPPY TREE FRIENDS, Mondo Media's flagship property has generated over 500 million online show views since its launch, spawned a TV series, PC and Xbox videogame, home video line and a global licensing and merchandise business.

In the spirit of the Olympics, Mime's actions will definitely speak louder than his words. In fact, his actions will leave you speechless.