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Morar Launches Beta for GenAI Video Creation Tool

The software enables users to generate audio and video content in 5-second clips, with a diverse range of 18 video styles. 

London-based Morar has officially launched a beta version of its GenAI video creation tool, challenging industry giants such as Google's Lumiere, and Meta's Emu Video, Runway, and Pika Labs. The new tool enables users to generate audio and video content in 5-second clips, while competitors are currently generating content with a runtime of less than 5 seconds.

One of Morar's standout features is its diverse range of 18 video styles, including graffiti, 3D animation, Japanese ink art, watercolor, and photo-realism. In addition, the tool allows users to add generative AI audio to match their video output.

"We believe that creativity knows no bounds, and with Morar, we want to democratize video production," said Priyanka, CEO at Morar. "Our GenAI tool allows anyone to bring their ideas to life, and with 18 unique video styles, the possibilities are endless. We're excited to invite users to join our beta and experience the future of video creation."

The Morar beta opens the doors for individuals to experience the power of GenAI video creation firsthand. Interested users can simply request access by sending an email to

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