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Mondo Media gets mondo money

Mondo Media, a leading developer of digital content, has received a $2 million investment from venture capital firm, Sofinnova. The investment will fund the development of a line of Mondo Mini Shows - a series of animated and personalized, interactive, web-based cartoons. The shows will mirror the syndication model of newspaper comics where popular properties attract broad audiences on a repeat basis. "The syndication model is novel for the web, a proven success in other media," explains Randy Komisar, Mondo Media's Virtual CEO. "Because Mondo has something for everyone - advertisers, companies with web sites and the audience - they'll be instrumental in making the web a far more entertaining and engaging experience for all of us." The web will serve as a launching pad for original and licensed ideas and characters that will be used in other mediums such as television, film, games and the emerging digital and interactive television markets. Mondo Media's web site is located at