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Disney Branded TV Greenlights ‘SuperKitties’ and ‘Pupstruction’ Season 3

The popular animated series, renewed ahead of their Season 2 debuts, gives the fearsome foursome of Kitties more time to make their town ‘pawsome’ while the all-dog construction crew keeps their town in tip-top shape. 

Disney Branded Television (DBT) has greenlit Season 3 of its popular Disney Junior animated series SuperKitties and Pupstruction ahead of their respective season 2 debuts. Disney Branded Television president Ayo Davis made the announcement.

Since launching last year, both series have become fan favorites among preschoolers and their families. DBT shared that SuperKitties, which follows four fierce and furry superhero kittens who are on a mission to make their town of Kittydale a more caring and “pawesome” place, finished 2023 as the #1 new preschool series. In addition, Pupstruction, which follows an all-dog construction crew who pour mud, sweat, drool, and plenty of heart into keeping their town of Petsburg in tip-top shape, has ranked as the #1 cable series with Kids 2-5 every quarter since launch.

“With their adorable characters and heartfelt adventures, these two series have clearly struck a chord with our preschool audience,” commented Davis. “Both series exude teamwork, optimism, friendship, and resilience, and feature some pretty catchy music - just some of the signature qualities that make our Disney Junior programming a hit with kids and families alike.”


Set in the city of Kittydale, each SuperKitties episode features two 11-minute stories as the four kittens receive "SuperKitty Calls" from one of their animal friends with a problem that only the SuperKitties can help with, usually caused by one of the comedic villains in the series: Cat Burglar, Mr. Puppypaws, Lab Rat, or Zsa-Zsa. With plenty of super skills and gadgets at their disposal, the SuperKitties set off to thwart the villains’ plans and impart important messages along the way.

Emmy Award winner Paula Rosenthal (Peter Rabbit) is series creator and executive producer. For Season 3, Emmy Award-winning producer and writer Sarah Mullervy (Peter Rabbit) will serve as executive producer, alongside Kirk Van Wormer (Transformers: Prime) and Audu Paden (Monster High), who also serve as executive producers.

Sony Pictures Television - Kids produces the series in association with Disney Junior.


The show follows the adventures of the Pupstruction team - a doggone hard-working construction crew ranging from some of the brawniest breeds to irresistibly cute and playful puppies. The imaginative, music-filled series centers on Phinny, an innovative young corgi and the smallest pup on the crew, who proves that you don’t need big paws to have big dreams or big ideas.

Travis Braun is the show’s creator and executive producer, alongside Victor Cook and Abigail Nesbitt, who serves as executive producer and supervising director, respectively.

Titmouse produces the series in association with Disney Junior.

Both SuperKitties and Pupstruction are currently airing on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, with some episodes also available to stream on Disney+.

Source: Disney Branded Television

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