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Roku Drops Teaser Trailer For ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ Series

The live-action project stars Christian Slater as the evil ogre Mulgarath, Joy Bryant as loving matriarch Helen Grace, and Lyon Daniels and Noah Cottrell as twins Jared and Simon; all eight episodes will be available to stream on April 19.

Roku Channel has finally dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action series adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Spiderwick follows the Grace Family - twin brothers Jared and Simon, sister Mallory, and their mother Helen - as they move into their ancestral home and unravel a dark mystery about their great-great Uncle who discovered the secret faerie world parallel to their own.

Joy Bryant (Ballers, Trinkets) plays loving matriarch Helen Grace, while Lyon Daniels (We Can be Heroes) and Noah Cottrell (Skyscraper, Gordita Chronicles) star as the twins Jared and Simon, respectively. Jared is adventurous and impulsive, with some nagging anger issues, while Simon is the rational and levelheaded foil to his twin. Also joining the cast was the previously announced Christian Slater (Dirty John, Mr. Robot) as the evil ogre Mulgarath.

The series is based upon the novels by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, which consist of, “The Field Guide,” “The Seeing Stone,” “Lucinda’s Secret,” “The Ironwood Tree” and “The Wrath of Mulgarath.” A spinoff trilogy, titled “Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles,” adds “The Nixie’s Song,” “A Giant Problem” and “The Wyrm King.”

Kat Coiro (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marry Me) directed the first two episodes, with Aron Eli Coleite as showrunner, and Coleite, Black, DiTerlizzi, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jeremy Bell, D.J. Goldberg and Julie Kane-Ritsch executive producing. The series is produced by Paramount Television Studios and 20th Television. The VFX were crafted by Ingenuity Studios, with Dan Nicholls acting as visual effects producer.

Originally slated for a 2023 release on Disney+, all eight episodes of The Spiderwick Chronicles will stream exclusively on The Roku Channel starting April 19.

Watch the teaser trailer now:

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