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Discovery Kids UK Gets Why?

Monster Distributes has just completed a deal with Discovery Kids UK to broadcast its educational animated series WHY? The series, which is scheduled to begin airing January 1, 2002, was also recently sold to Mediapark for Pay TV in Spain. A Pay TV deal in Brazil is currently in negotiation. The 24 x 2 minute pre-school series was animated by Irish animation company Brown Bag Films, and explains how things work. Including episodes such as "What Are The Stars?", "Why Do I Have A Shadow?", "How Do I Hear?" and "Why Do I Have To Go To School?", the questions are asked by two very young children with the answers, provided by an older girl, who helps relate the series to the very young. Written by two primary school teachers, the series was extensively researched in the classroom. WHY? is already being broadcast on Channel 5, RTE, Homechoice (UK VoD), TV Ontario, Knowledge Network Canada, The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, STV Singapore, Hop! The Nursery Channel (Israel) and on the Internet on Thinkbox.